HomoCulture Holigay Gay Gift Giving Guide 2021

HomoCulture has compiled the ultimate gift-giving ideas for the gay man in your life.

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This article was published on December 2nd, 2021

Great Christmas gifts are the best way to keep the gay man in your life happy this holiday season. Whether he’s into beer, sports or fashion, we have great Christmas presents that will make him smile. From duffle bags to bar carts, these unique Christmas gifts are guaranteed to make any gay in your life jump for joy.

If you’re looking for an original Christmas gift idea for the gay man in your life this year, look no further than one of these amazing selections.

Gifts For Around the Home 

There is nothing greater than feeling comfortable at home. So, we have rounded up the top gifts that any gay man would love to see around the house. 

Charcuterie board

Every gay many love a good piece of meat. A charcuterie board is a perfect gift because it gives us many delicious cuts of meat that are flavorful and filling. Give the man you care for meat to fill him and leave him stuffed. One of these makes the perfect gift for a gay man because we love hosting parties and serving delicious experiences.

LED strip lights

We all want a little color in our life. We, gays, love bright lights, and if we can incorporate them into our ambiance, it makes life that much better. LED strip lights make the perfect gift for the gay who likes to throw parties or chill with a drink and a movie with gay lighting. 


Mirrors are a gay man’s best friend. They help us look our best and allow us to admire our beautiful faces. Any gay man would love a nice-looking mirror as a Christmas gift. 

Shower caddy dispenser

Sometimes keeping all our lotions, body creams, and shampoos in the shower can be a difficult task. Frequently we have more than we can keep, which means we end up not using everything we would like. Any gay man with this problem needs a shower caddy to keep everything in order. It also ensures that we have access to everything we own to avoid using our favorite body scrubs and soaps. 

Welcome mat

A welcoming environment is very important to us gays because we love to have people over. A welcome mat gives visitors a warm feeling that is sure to make them feel at home. 

Bar cart

Could this gift be any more perfect for the gay that loves to entertain? First, as gay men, we drink a lot. So, having somewhere to store these drinks is a necessity. Next, 

Dyson Omni-Glide

 Everyone knows that taking out the Christmas tree causes a big mess. Inevitably there will be loads of pine needles to clean up, and it is a gay worst nightmare! The Dyson Omni-glide makes cleaning up those pesky pine needles a breeze and keeps gays happy with clean spaces. 


Every gay man on the planet loves to look his best, and most of us love fashion. With the likes of Westwood, Geiger, and Louboutin, fashion seems costly and out of reach for the everyday gay. However, with our top fashion picks, you will see that this is not the case. These are our top fashion brand picks for the gays in your lives. 

JJ Malibu

From underwear to socks to shirts and even activewear, JJ Malibu offers something for everyone. This is one of our go-to brands when we need some new gear. Their underwear is the perfect addition to any gay man’s attire. They are quite fashionable and have been worn by the cast of Rupaul’s drag race. These are a must-have item for the gay man who loves dressing up and showing off his goods. 

Leather Wallet

Any gay man who owns a leather jacket loves having a place to store all his credit cards, cash, phone, and other necessities. Nomad’s Leather wallets are stylish and come in various colors and designs. So, naturally, they will make an excellent gift for those men who want to stay in style and look fabulous. 


These are another hot trend in men’s fashion, making their way into the mainstream. Kapow Meggings are designed and made specifically for men. They are comfortable and easy to wear and come in a variety of styles and designs. If you know someone who loves to show off his legs and make a fashion statement, this is the perfect gift for him. He will appreciate the comfort and ease of wearing them daily. 

HomoCulture readers can get 10% off Kapow MeggingsLearn how.

Leather jacket

Leather Jackets are sporty, chic, and a perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Gay men love to be in style do a jacket will make the perfect gift for the gay man in your life.


When gay men go to the gym or for a run, joggers can grab people’s attention. Especially if the person wearing them is gifted. Joggers also make a great Christmas gift because they help us lounger comfortably around the house or go for a quick run without worrying about hurting our legs. They will be an excellent addition to the gay runner in your life. 


If the gay in your life likes to lounge at home, Moccasins are what he needs. Moccasins are comfortable and keep your feet warm during the winter months. They make a perfect gift for anyone who likes to stay warm. 


Technology is a must-have necessity in this world. As we progress more towards living in a metaverse, it makes sense that technology is becoming a more sought-after gift. Here are our top picks for any gay techno-hungry guy you know. 

Laptop Sleeves

Laptop sleeves are great for protecting our accessories. Gay men love premium products, but keeping them safe is important and often overlooked. Make sure you get the perfect laptop sleeve for the gay guys you love so they can keep their technology safe and look brand new. Sleeves are more important than ever during the holiday season because you could spill some eggnog on your devices. The Nomad laptop sleeve is stylish and adds protection for devices. 

iPhone Case

Just like a laptop, a cell phone is an investment- and iPhones aren’t cheap. You need a great case to keep it from tumbles that could cause cracks. We gays enjoy a cocktail, and after a few, our phones could be headed for the stairs. So, make sure you get the guy in your life a stylish Nomad iPhone case to keep it safe from falls that could happen this holiday season. A smartphone case can protect your investment and add a little extra flair to your phone. Whether the phone is pink or blue, there is a case out there for every gay man.

Travel Cord Case 

This is one of the best gay gift ideas on our list! It’s practical and keeps all your cords neat. When the guy in your life is traveling, he can keep everything organized and reduce stress caused by looking through many cables and sifting through a tangled mess of wires. 

Smart Plugs

Smart plugs are an excellent choice for the opportunistic gift-givers reading this blog. Why? Because smart plugs allow your friends to modernize their homes and offer protection against electrical conundrums guys could find themselves in. Not to mention, they are very convenient for turning off the lights if you’re in bed and don’t feel like getting up. 

USB Plug Port

These are the bricks that let you plug in a cable to charge a cell phone, and they are excellent gift ideas – especially for a stocking stuffer. They are small, compact, easy to hide, and needed. We recommend putting these into a stocking rather than as a stand-alone gift because of their size. Also, it wouldn’t be great as a stand-alone gift because it can seem quite small. 

Personal Items

Personal items are a must-have for anybody. As we gays are always on the go – personal items can keep us in tip-top shape no matter where we are or where we’re going. These are our top picks for personal gay gifting items. 

Travel Duffle Bag

All good gays need a ravel duffle bag in their life because it helps us carry the essentials we need for the gym, a hook-up, or a long night out on the town. If you want to keep any gay man in your life happy, give them a travel duffle bag. It’ll accentuate their style and keep them ready for anything that could happen in their busy lives. It also shows you are aware of their time which is a huge plus to staying on any sassy man’s good side!


Cologne keeps us smelling fresh and attractive. All gay men love to smell as good as they look and buy the gay man in your life. Musky, floral, or cedarwood fragrances will have them falling for you, head over heels. You cannot go wrong when buying cologne as a gift because we can use it to freshen up or cover up smells quickly we would rather others not be aware of. 


Scarves are all the rage and definitely in style. They make the perfect give for anyone who likes to look nice while staying warm and making a fashion statement. You can opt for a lovely and light translucent scarf or a bold warming scarf to help the gay man in your life stay warm and always fashionable. 

Personalized Towel

Got a gay friend who loves going to the gym? If so, they have probably mentioned a time or two about losing their towel or someone grabbing it by mistake. In the gym, it is easy to lose our thoughts when surrounded by many beautiful men. You can get the gay in your life a personalized towel with their name and favorite colors to ensure they never lose this important item at the gym again. Or, you can opt for an ultra-fancy personalized towel that can easily become the main attraction in a home bathroom. 

Electric Blanket 

The weather outside can be frightful, but fire is oh so delightful. If the man in your life doesn’t have a fire to help him stay warm, you can also purchase him an electric blanket. Electric blankets are the perfect gift for staying warm in freezing weather – making them perfect for the holiday season. Grab your gift and your buddy and cuddle up for a warming Netflix and chill!

LGBTQ+ Art, Entertainment, and Expression

Expression is what sets us apart from straight people. We need to express who we are and what we do to show we care about our sexuality and think nothing is wrong with it. Here are some gifts you can give so your friends can show their Pride. 

Canoe Paddle

Patrick Hunter is a gay artist who makes beautiful Canoe Paddles that are a perfect addition to anyone’s home décor. Also, giving this paddle shows that you support our community and its artists. So, it is the perfect gift for any gay man in your life who is full of Pride.  The canoes are limited edition, and only 300 are being made, making them perfect for anyone who loves collecting rare items. Grab your paddle while you can!

Fine Arts Prints

There is nothing better to give for friends who love art than mind-blowing photos of beautiful men in black and white. Brave is a collection of male nudes by Hannes Van der Merwe. These prints are beautiful, elegant, and easy on the eyes. They will make an excellent choice and addition as a gift for anyone with style and taste.

Pride in a Box

Pride in a Box was developed to celebrate the pride festivals we love virtually. It’s a great gift because it has everything you need to celebrate Pride. So, if you know someone who cannot celebrate the holidays with their friends or family in person, this is the perfect gift to keep them connected during the holidays.

Cross Stitch Like a Queen

If you have a gay friend or loved one who loves Cross Stitching, you should consider buying this book. This is a fantastic resource for learning more about the craft and inspiring them to start crafting. It features stunning designs, but it also includes tutorials and tips that would be useful for beginners. It also makes a great gift for any gay man since it is based around drag culture!

Broadway Across Canada Tickets

You can’t go wrong with musical theatre tickets if you know a Broadway gay who loves musical theater. Anastasia is a lovely story, and tickets to see it will make the man in your life fall in love with you again. 

Billy Porter’s Latest Album

If you have a friend who needs encouragement, you can give your gay friends the new Billy Porter album. The album empathizes with the gay community and the problems we face daily. So, if you know anyone who could use words to make them feel better, this is an excellent gift.  

Future Starts Now

Kim Petra’s new album is a must-have for any gay man. If you have a friend or partner who is into pop culture and has great taste in music, this album is the greatest gift you can give them! The album is quite inclusive, considering Kim Petras is trans. 

Kim Petras – Lead Press Image Credit: Steven Klein


Gifts that help us pass the time at home are perfect. These gifts will help the men in your life bust their boredom and laugh in the meantime. These are our top gift ideas for a rainy day at home that will pass the time and keep you from feeling too bored. 

Cards Against Humanity

This is a classic card game that is racy and hilarious. Although some of the cards can be inappropriate in all situations, they never fail to get a laugh. The game’s premise is simple – to see how well you know your friends while discovering their messed-up sense of humor. The game is excellent for people who love to entertain and have many friends.  

Laptop Lap Desk

A laptop Lap Desk is perfect for the workaholic who loves a lush life. Why? Because it allows you to work on your computer from any place in your house. You can choose to sit on the bed or the couch and still get your work done. The desk is perfect for any gay who runs their own business and never has a free moment during the day.

Insulated Mugs

Gay men love coffee, and not all of us enjoy iced coffee. When we have a busy morning, there is nothing better than taking a warm sip of coffee to pick me up. So, if you know a gay guy who loves to drink a warm cup of coffee, an insulated coffee cup is an indispensable gift option. It will help keep their drinks warm and often come with a nice handle and lid to keep their coffee from spilling all over the place. 


During the winter months, it can be cold and wet. Yuck! What can we do when we need to get stuff done, and every day is drab and dreary? We need an umbrella that is cute and keeps us dry. SO, if you live in an area where it rains a lot in the winter months, an umbrella is an excellent gift for the man in your life. It will help him stay dry and active in the winter months. 

The Rainbow Spark

Reading about culture is important for our community. We pass down our beliefs and teach others it is okay to be gay through literature. If you know someone struggling to cope with being gay, or coming out of the closet, sharing some gay literature with them is an excellent gift idea. The Rainbow Spark and the sequel, The Rainbow Spark 2, are books by Canadian author, Casey Hardman, and delves deep into stereotypes that surround the people in our community while making the reader laugh and smile as they read. Books are always an excellent gift, and when you share culture in a book, it’s the best gift you could ever give. 

Big Ticket Items

If you want to show your love, a big-ticket item is what you need. Big-ticket items are more expensive and long-term, so they are ideal for that special someone in your life. Our top picks are the following. 

Ford Explorer

Rugged gays and those who are less rugged alike will love the new 2021 Ford Explorer. The gift is perfect for someone you will share your life with. As it is a costly gift, it makes perfect sense to give it to your life partner. It is perfect for taking a camping trip on the weekend and gazing up at the stars together. 

Gay Cruise

Nothing beats a gay cruise because you are out on the open sea, surrounded by like-minded individuals with unlimited alcohol and food. A gay cruise is a great gift for anyone that needs to get away from the crazy life and have a break from reality. Many gay cruises can help the person you’re buying this gift by letting their colors show!

Weekend Getaway

A weekend getaway can be the perfect and romantic escape for the wintertime holidays. Please make this a gift to remember by bringing along some of our stocking stuffers like Stoli Gold, and make your way out of town for a relaxing retreat! It’s a perfect gift for the gay you most love, and they will never forget such a special moment. 

Hot Tub

A hot tub is a perfect gift that your partner or lover can use throughout the year. They are great to help them destress after a long day at work or on the weekend. 

Stocking Stuffers

Not all gifts are great as stand-alone items. Sometimes we need to give them smaller gifts, and this is where stocking is important. It’s not to say these gifts cannot be great, but they might be too small to be a gift worth wrapping. Here are our top picks for stocking stuffers. 

Stoli Gold

This is our favorite stocking stuffer, and it is great for a wintertime drink. You can mix it into anything, but we recommend making a screwdriver cocktail


If you’re gifting a gay who doesn’t like hard liquor, then Stoli might not be the best stocking stuffer. If that is the case, we have an excellent alternative for you. The Vizzy seltzer waters from Coors are low in calories, light, and refreshing, making for the perfect buzz on Christmas day. 


You cannot go wrong giving anyone chocolates! Gay men and straight men alike love the delicious decadence that can be unwrapped and popped in the mouth. As it melts, the flavor will envelop their mouth and palate, just as the Christmas spirit around them envelops their mind and body. 


Everyone loves to smell great, and deodorant is not a gift you should shy away from giving. Some may think it rude to give this gift, but it is something everyone uses in reality. The best gifts are the most practical. 

Puzzles and Mind Games

Mind games and puzzles keep our brains in tip-top shape. If you want to show the man you love that you care, get him a mind game or puzzle to keep his wits about him. These gifts are perfect for the guys who love to think outside the box ad their size makes them the perfect stocking stuffer!

Face Covering

In a post-Covid World, there is no better way to say I care than with a face mask. You can choose silly or quirky masks that show the personality of the person you’re buying them for.  As they are small, you can easily stuff them into a stocking. 

Purchase a HomoCulture face covering and help support HomoCulture. 


Incense is excellent for the wintertime as it can warm up a cold home and make it more inviting. You can use these in stockings as stuffers and keep a home smelling great all year long. 

Hand cream

All gay men love keeping their hands feeling soft and smooth while smelling great. You can give hand cream as a stocking stuffer, and the man you gift them to will surely love them. 

Foot Scrubs

At home, spas are becoming increasingly popular. A great way to gift a spa experience to the gay in your life is with foot scrubs. They provide an at-home spa experience and leave your friend’s feet feeling silky and smooth. 

Epsom Salts

Epsom salts can also provide an at-home spa experience. These salts are added to your water and relieve aches and pains from muscle use at work. 

Pillow Spray

If you know a gay who has trouble sleeping, then gift them a pillow spray. Not only do they smell great, but they are also small and easy to shove in a stocking. They promote a natural circadian rhythm and will help the person you love to sleep better. 

What do you think is the best gift Idea?

What gifts do you think are the best in our guide? Did we miss any must-have items for the 2021 holidays? We would love to hear your thoughts and comments. Let us know what you think in the comments below to make our next gift-giving guide even better!

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