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Prepping for anal sex has never been this easy!

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This article was published on January 11th, 2022

Bottoming is all fun and games — until it isn’t. Not when you must deal with pain or discomfort, including anal issues such as fissures and haemorrhoids. That notwithstanding, some bottoms contend with butt acne, which they may perceive as a turn-off to the top when having sex.

Oh, and let’s not forget about douching and the whole aspect of having the bum clean prior to having your guts wrecked. Man, getting perfectly bottom-ready is an entire job in itself.    

While prepping to bottom could be quite the procedure, it may come with some risks. Studies have shown that penetrative anal sex, lubricants, and even the act of preparing for anal play can alter the microbiome, the important bacteria environment that exists throughout the gut. 

These changes in bacteria communities within the gut have been linked to the potential development of localized complications. However, with a bit of care and preparation, enjoying some good butt play should be the least of your worries. Thanks to a new sexcare solution, dubbed Future Method, bottoms can look forward to having the perfect butt – inside and out!

Future Method combines scientific research with a holistic approach to make worry-free sex attainable for all. It entails three products, including a body scrub, soothing cream, and probiotic pills that work together to give bottoms one hell of a clean and cute ass. 

The sexcare solution was co-founded and inspired by Dr. Goldstein, Anal Surgeon and Founder of Bespoke Surgical – a first-of-its-kind, elite anal surgery practice built for today’s gay males and anyone looking to improve their anal health. It is a system that helps minimize risk and maximize pleasure, empowering and educating the way people play.

The three products will have you embracing your buts with confidence and make you look forward to a pleasant and mind-blowing sex experience.

Butt + Body Scrub

Butt & body scrub is the cornerstone of a good bottom preparation routine. Not only does it slough away dead skin cells and built-up oils, but it also helps prevent those pesky ingrown hairs that can crop up when you’re sporting a beard. Plus, it just feels darn good! 

This quick and gentle exfoliating booty scrub cleanser is your best bet for a clean, radiant butt and body. It is safe for everywhere in between – especially in between your butt cheeks. It is infused with a refreshing and invigorating hint of citrus, clove, and cedar – for your pleasure and theirs. 

Butt + Body Soothing Cream

Once you’ve scrubbed away all the dirt and grime, it’s time for the next step: soothing cream. Applying a layer of Butt & Body Soothing Cream to your freshly scrubbed skin will help lock in the moisture and keep your bottom feeling soft and smooth.

This instant soother hydrates with a perfect balance of softening shea butter and botanical extracts for a comfy feeling- especially post-play. It is lightly scented and residue-free for the body, butt cheeks, and everything in buttween.

Butt + Gut Daily Pre + Probiotic

Once you are done with the scrub and soothing cream, wind up with the daily probiotics, which are essential if you’re planning on bottoming. They help keep your gut microbiome healthy and functioning properly, thus preventing anal issues like hemorrhoids.

The Butt + Gut Daily Pre + Probiotic pills help support both gut and butt health for anal play. Taking this daily supplement goes a long way in keeping your gut flora in balance, which is crucial for good anal health. Simply put, it makes life a whole lot easier. 

On those nights when you really don’t want to deal with any potential fallout, pop a pill and call it a night.

Cheers to a clean and cute butt!

As a bottom, it’s essential to care for your butt in the same way you do for the rest of your body. It might seem like common sense, but some people out there still don’t realize just how necessary taking care of their ass is if they want to avoid any irritation or other issues down the line.

Future Method’s sexcare solution will save you the hassle of getting bottom-ready so that you will not have to be concerned about those annoying spots or making a mess during sex. After all, it’s only right that your butt deserves perfection.

Order your Future Method products now.


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