Ted Cruz’s Teenage Daughter Comes Out as Bi

The teen comes out on social media and contests her father’s views against the LGBTQ+ community

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This article was published on January 13th, 2022

Senator Ted Cruz has been forced to take an L in public yet again after a member of his family comes to the forefront to verbally slap him across social media. 

But did anyone see this curveball hurtling at us at 95 miles per hour?!

The switch hitter in question?

None other than Ted’s oldest daughter, Caroline Cruz, who has released a series of statements on her now private TikTok account that demonstrate that even his own children side-eye him. When questioned about her father’s complaints and issues with the queer community, Caroline opined:

“A lot of people judge me based upon him at first glance. But I really disagree with most of his views.”

Of course, once Ted’s daughter release the verbal slap heard around the interwebs, it went viral and within hours, the Texas senator’s daughter had become a hero for her generation and yet another child of a Republican that is disgusted with the antiquated mindsets of their parents. 

Father Knows Not Best!

Caroline, who uses the pronouns ‘she’ and ‘her’, did soften the blow mentioning the gifts she receives in the mail from Cruz supporters, but clearly the negatives outweigh the positives, with the teenager stating:

“I literally have to have security following me everywhere. Like if I want to go on a walk through the neighborhood or to my friend’s house or something, I have to have like two security guards behind me the entire time.”

How controlling is Ted Cruz with his daughter? According to her account, her father had their annual Christmas photos digitally airbrushed to make her shirt longer. During her social media posts, the teen admitted that her father had no knowledge of her sexual orientation, stating:

“I haven’t told him yet, I’m kinda nervous to tbh but I don’t think he would be mad about it.”

Tricky Ted Has Years of Anti-LGBTQ+ Behavior Under His Belt

Ted Cruz is well-known and reviled for his anti-LGBTQ+ stances, with noted opposition to same-sex marriage, support of conversion therapy, and specific laws that protect the rights of queer people. The reason why the community should be concerned is that Cruz still has presidential ambitions despite losing in humiliating fashion to Donald Trump in the primaries in 2016, and then being forced to kiss the ring in public for years.

And counting.

Although he finished second behind Trump, Cruz is now allegedly circling around a 2024 run, which would pose serious problems for LGBTQ+ people. When asked about another run, he threw in historical context as a predictor:

‘You know there’s a reason historically that the runner-up is almost always the next nominee.”

The Future Liberties of Queer Americans Hang in the Balance

The LGBTQ+ community applauds Caroline Cruz for standing up to her father, but there is still work to do to avoid the future wrath of her father and the rest of the Republican party. 

How do you feel about Caroline’s decision to come out on social media and what are your primary concerns for the future rights of the queer community? Let HomoCulture know in the comments section below.

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