The Best Gay VR Sex Games So You Don’t Need to Search For a Real-World Hookup

The future of fun is in gay VR sex games, so check out these great options!

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This article was published on January 22nd, 2022

Virtual Reality is becoming more popular as a form of entertainment. VR sex games are now being used by people who want to experience real-life sexual experiences without having to leave their homes or apartments. In addition to VR sex games, there are also many online social networks dedicated to our community. People use these networks to share their experiences and even create new ones. These social networks are called “virtual reality communities” (VRC). There are currently over 100 VRC around the world. Some are very large, while others are still small but growing fast.

We mentioned one of the best gay VR chatrooms you can find – and it truly is a great experience. However, in this article, we will tell you about the sexier side of VR. Yeah, there are many- and we mean so many- gay VR porn games to keep you hot and bothered. We bet you are wondering…

Why would anyone play gay VR sex games?

The answer is simple. First, there are many reasons why people would want to try a virtual reality game period. The experience is unique, and you can do anything you want! Imagine beautifully drawn game scenes that look like any planet other than the heart. Now, think about it- an absorbing game that takes you to new heights where you can fly amongst the stars.

Are you starting to get the picture? You can try anything from an adventure game to a 3D gay fuck game. VR opens our minds and helps us try out things we would otherwise never do. So, we bet you’re wondering…

What are the steamiest gay VR games?

As VR technology continues to grow, so too has its potential for people who enjoy sex. There’s no shortage of gay and lesbian VR porn games available today. Since VR gaming has just begun its journey into the mainstream market, there aren’t any gay/lesbian specific games available for every headset yet. Creators will design most of them for computer VR rather than the oculus quest 2 – a standalone headset. However, if you’re interested in trying out one of our recommended titles, check them out here!

3D Gayvilla 2 – is a game developed by ThriXXX. Currently, they are leading the market in virtual reality porn games for the Oculus Rift. They are hugely popular because you can use their games to imitate real sex in the virtual world. They stand out because of their compatibility with sex toys. In this case, the Fleshjack and v-stroker create one of, if not the most, realistic virtual sex experiences available currently.

You can create characters for yourself using 3D GayVilla 2. You decide everything from facial hair to tattoos and piercings, body piercing, tattoo designs, and even penis sizes and looks. In this adult video game, you’re in charge of every aspect of the storyline. There are countless places where people can be fucked, suck cock, or however else their sexual desires may be satisfied. There are also an infinite number of sex toys such as dongs, butt plugs and vibrators.

In terms of gameplay, animation quality, and sex scenes, the game has some of the most comprehensive content out there. The graphics aren’t great, but they’re not terrible either. In essence, they could certainly use some improvement. Once it is made available on all VR headsets, expect this game to become one of the most popular adult video games for virtual reality headsets. Another good thing about this game is that the developers keep adding new locations, new outfits, new poses, and even sexier toys! In addition to offering an extensive library of videos, there’s also a large user base that adds to the realism of the experience.

3DX Chat

Unlike most other gay and lesbians Oculus Rift sex games out there, 3DX chat is an entirely interactive VR experience where players interact with each other using their voice instead of typing text messages. Developed by Thr3Xxx, this adult game features some of the most amazing visuals and gameplay for an Oculus Rift adult game. On top of meeting people online through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, there are rooms and locations within games such as Second Life where players can find others who share their sexual orientation.

These places are called “Gay Bars” because they allow members from both sexes to come together and enjoy themselves. It might not appeal to everyone, but if someone is interested in both men and women, they may enjoy playing this game. This game is also compatible with the Fleshjack and v-stroker, which makes the gay experience that much closer to reality.

What do you think? Will you be jumping on the VR bandwagon to try something new? Let us know your thoughts about VR games below and if you will try them out for your sexual needs.

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