Measure A Penis Day

February 1 is Measure A Penis Day!

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This article was published on February 1st, 2022

Of course, theories may come and go, but the truth of the matter is that size matters when it comes to condoms and finding the brands that fit you best may not be that easy. For safer sex, condoms are an essential element, but one common complaint is that they don’t always fit properly as condoms are not a one-size-fits-all arena. On February 1, we celebrate Measure A Penis Day by discussing openly the topic of penis size and condom fit with myONE Perfect Fit from One Condoms. 

Measure A Penis Day was created by myONE Condoms to inspire people to measure a penis on your body or in your life. If you’ve ever struggled with condoms that don’t fit right, today’s the day to bust out the measuring tape and measure length and girth. Then head over to, where you’ll find out whether your code is B22 or G21. Order a sample kit, test at home, and discover that the perfect fitting condom really does exist. 

Condoms with the proper fit give the user more confidence and assist in elevating the joy of gay sex without the restraint of poorly fitted condoms. There is a security attached to know that these condoms won’t slip off and it has long been known that poorly fitting condoms come with issues like condom slippage, sensation, and erection loss, as well as difficulty in reaching orgasm. These problems can be easily overcome using the myONE FitKit to determine which of their condoms is ideal for you. 

Sizing Equals Security

myONE Perfect Fit condoms are available in 60 sizes, with combinations of 10 lengths and 9 girths for a great fit. Because of the expansive array of widths and lengths, you are more likely to get the size that is right for you. 

One Condoms offers a complimentary myONE FitKit that properly measures penis length and girth to determine which condom is the right size for you and if you absolutely cannot wait, you can even improvise using your own tape measure to see how you really measure up. 

Once your measurements have been assessed, you can head over to their website and enter the information for a free sample test. Ordering is fast and easy by simply going online from the comfort of home. They use discreet shipping too. One Condoms has a subscription service so that you can always have condoms in stock and ready to go that are just your size. Customers love these condoms because they don’t pinch, slip off, or squeeze the penis during sex. 

The Message Behind Measure A Penis Day

The day is more than about penises, however, as it celebrates body and sex positivity, promotes healthy relationships, and yields honest conversations about anatomy, sex, and pleasure between partners and culture. Davin Wedel, who founded ONE Condoms’ parent company Global Protection Corp. in 1987 to prevent HIV transmission, has now made condoms as socially acceptable as toothpaste and toilet paper. 

Kick off to International Condom Month

Measure A Penis Day is about measuring together with a partner, so they’ve put together some advice to help you and your partner out. This can be a fun activity if you have a buddy who hates condoms because they’re slipping and sliding, or making their junk look like an overstuffed and squeezed sausage.

Measure for your own enjoyment and discover what a difference a well-fitting condom makes on your penis. Get your myOne FitKit now and order your myONE Perfect Fit condom today!

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