14 Gay Ways You Can Show Your Man You Love Him This Valentine’s Day

HomoCulture has curated a short and sweet list of ways you can show your man you love him this Valentine’s Day!

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This article was published on February 8th, 2022

The ultimate romantic holiday is right around the corner and this year, you may want to switch things up and think of a few additional options to consider making your significant other happy on this special day. Everyone loves a nice present these days, but it is the thought that ultimately counts the most, which is why HomoCulture has curated a short and sweet list of ways you can show your man you love him this Valentine’s Day!

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1. His & His Spa Day

Treat you and your loved one to a spa day where you can both get away from it all for a few hours, complete with a manicure, pedicure, and deep tissue massage that leaves you refreshed and relaxed!

2. Treat Him to Tech

If your beloved is a certified techno-geek, he will love an update to his collection of gadgets, so before you get his next modern tech device, do a bit of research and fid out what in his arsenal is due for an upgrade and then pounce on it, whether it’s a new smartphone, headphones, laptop, iPhone case, etc.

3. Sign Him Up to a New Subscription

Whether it is a new line of razors to shave with, new magazine subscription, or even special action figures by the month, a little subscription can go a long way and have him remembering your gift well after Valentine’s Day has come and gone. 

4. Cooking = Love

Making your man a customized meal of all his favorite dishes on Valentine’s Day is a great option that really shows you care enough to put that oven to good use.

5. CockTails – Get in the Spirit(s)!

If you know that your lover is a connoisseur of fine wines and spirits, then this is the perfect opportunity to present him with a premium bottle of one of his favorite brands. 

6. Underwear

A classic gift that is always a hit, underwear in a wide range of styles and colors are sure to add a bit of romance to your bedroom, and possibly your kitchen, dining room, and living room too!

7. Fashion, Fashion, Fashion!

The fashionisto in your life will appreciate some new clothes and accessories to add to his collection. Curate his closet and then catch some of the latest fashion from his favorite designers and keep him in the styles he has grown accustomed to!

8. Bath Under the Moonlight

Set the scene in the bathroom with candles surrounding the bathtub, presenting yourself in the tub naked with bubbles surrounding you. Get dirty – and then clean – together!

9. Kink It Up

Raise the stakes this Valentine’s by giving in to one (or some) of your lover’s kinkiest wishes. You know the limits, now try to expand them!

10. Sex Toys

If you have always wanted to introduce a new element into your sex lives, now is the time to enliven things with a new toy that brings a new dimension to your horizontal activities. We have reviews on several that can be bought online during the holidays that you and your man will enjoy!

11. Slave for You (Him)

Picture it. Your man wakes up, and in front of him stands a card that mentions you as his slave for the day. On Valentine’s Day, you are the beck and call of your lover, so whatever he desires, you must grant. Be prepared to use every part of your body to pleasure your man this day!

12. Sound Off

It is a free and invaluable gift. LISTEN to your partner on this day. Have a heart-to-heart and take your relationship to a new level when you are true confidantes with one another. Show that you are into him physically AND mentally. 

13. Pleasure Yourself (And/Or Him)

Wake him up with a visual of you masturbating in front of him on all fours – a sight he may never forget. This is also where you can introduce a sex toy or two if listened to our previous Valentine’s Day suggestion. 

14. Town & Country

Go somewhere new on Valentine’s Day! Take a short vacation outside the city, go camping in the woods, or even propose a staycation where you take the weekend for only yourselves.

How Will You Show Your Special Valentine How You Love Them? 

Do any of the above ideas pique your interest? What about a conventional Valentine’s Day card and flowers? There are so many great gift ideas that work on Valentine’s Day. What ideas do you like for this special day? Let HomoCulture know in the comments section below!

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