Better Communication Between LGBTQ Startup Employees

The progress we’ve witnessed in the last couple of years regarding the LGBTQ community is fantastic. More and more businesses are open to diversity, which allows LGBTQ folks to live […]

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This article was published on March 5th, 2022

The progress we’ve witnessed in the last couple of years regarding the LGBTQ community is fantastic. More and more businesses are open to diversity, which allows LGBTQ folks to live up to their true potential. Without workplace discrimination and harassment, a lot of startups have occurred. However, one of the main issues there is communication.

How can we improve communication in LGBTQ startups? This specific situation requires a distinctive approach. There are no uniform strategies that will suit all businesses, but certain tips will help you improve communication within your startup! 

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1. Create a supportive culture

The first step to improving communication in the LGBTQ workplace is enhancing the importance of the organizational culture. The wanted change in communication won’t happen without a strong and supportive workplace culture. So, how can you create a supportive culture that will boost communication?

First of all, you must value all employees equally, no matter their orientation, identity, and preferences. Additionally, try to create a diverse workplace with people that come from different backgrounds. That will increase tolerance among the employees. Lastly, encourage your employees to communicate and share their thoughts and struggles by hosting support groups available for all!

2. Practice equality in all fields of work

A supportive environment is a great start, but it’s not nearly enough to improve the communication between the employees. You need to implement equity in all fields of work. For instance, did you know that members of the LGBTQ community earn less? On top of that, most benefit packages aren’t adequate for LGBTQ employees. So, how can you improve that aspect of business and how will that affect communication?

By offering healthcare, paternity leave, transition-related costs, and similar benefits, you’re increasing the job satisfaction of your LGBTQ employees. Satisfaction is thought to be indirectly correlated to communication, which will therefore lead to improved performances in that aspect of work. 

3. Use inclusive language

One of the biggest issues in communication tends to be insensitive language. Many policies, face-to-face interactions, and even written communication can be problematic there. So, to nurture a supportive and equal environment, review and rewrite policies in gender-neutral language.

Instead of using he/she, which is now outdated, many members of the LGBTQ community prefer the term they, as it includes those who don’t identify with nor male or female. On top of that, using the pronoun “they” leave employees the freedom to express themselves, while feeling included in the community. Encouraging this type of addressing will result in improved quality of communication, both written and spoken. 

4. Utilize technology

In the modern world, it would be silly not to mention technology as a means of improving communication. Various apps, platforms, and messaging tools exist on the market. Some are more suitable for a business environment than others. How can you choose the right one and create a communication strategy that will be suitable for most?

Safe tools with multiple features are always the best option. Opt for those that improve employee communication by keeping them engaged and connected. That way they can chat, share important files and documents, as well as stay up to date with the latest business announcements. It’s a strategy that will bring your entire team together, whether they work remotely or from the office!

5. Implement diversity training

Did you know that over 50% of modern organizations train new employees? Training and onboarding programs can help employees be more inclusive and tolerant of differences. Therefore, implementing an organization-wide inclusivity and diversity training is a holistic approach to creating a supportive environment. How will this type of training improve communication among the employees?

The main point of diversity programs is to teach inclusivity, acceptance, and tolerance. Educate your new and old employees on the subject of gender identity, sexual preferences, harassment policies, and respectful language. That way you can improve the quality of communication within the teams and boost the acceptance in the entire company. 

Final thoughts

Communication between LGBTQ startup employees can be a true challenge, especially if the workplace culture hasn’t been set up. Even though you may face numerous obstacles along the way, these tactics and practical tips will help you create a winning strategy. So, follow the guides and stay accepting of your colleagues.


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