Zodiac Bar is The Hottest New Queer-Owned Bar in London

Zodiac Bar is a ray of sunshine for the diminishing presence of LGBT venues in London.

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This article was published on April 2nd, 2022

Zodiac Bar in London is a hot new venue that is meant to be a haven for all people LGBTQ+. Jade Phoenix Hoskins has reopened a closed down cocktail bar, on Hampstead Road near Regent’s park estate, to life again. 

After securing leasing and licensing she told councilors it would not simply be “another bar.”

 “When I came to London it was a gorgeous city but it’s lonely,” said Jade. “Especially for a person like me. I felt alone and unsupported.” Jade is a trans woman, and she mentioned that venues can be very welcoming, but there were no bars specifically made for the trans community. 

Appearing on video Jade mentioned that the point of the bar is to be a welcoming and safe space for trans individuals in London. “People are not chatty or they are scared because they don’t know how to respond in London – so for me I’m mothering them,” said Jade. 

She is running the bar with her partner David. Although some neighboring venues objected to the licensing of the property due to late night osie, the bar is thriving! Two neighbors moved their venues. 

It seems silly they would move away. It’s unclear if they moved because of nighttime noise or other reasons. People can mention the noise as a cause, but it doesn’t always mean that’s the case. It’s impossible to say this could be a case of transphobia, however, it seems odd to move once the venue opened. 

Not all people in London agree that the bar will cause undue noise. Two Labor Party cabinet councilors, one of the more liberal political parties in the UK, showed up to applaud the owners for their hard work in opening the venue. Danny Beales and Adam Harrison warned that in recent years the LGBT+ community touch has been fading across London. 

Chancellor Harrison echoed the thoughts of Danny Beales and Adam Harrison backing up their claims with facts. “Until 2017, ⅔ of LGBT venues disappeared in London and Camden. These venues play an important role in the community by providing safe spaces. Lots of places in London have no venues at all for LGBT people, so they will travel to a venue like Zodiac Bar.”

Thursday through Saturday the Venue closes at 2:30am and other nights finish at 1:30am. To minimize disruption the bar made a policy that ensures patrons leave quietly. 

The bar hosts many activities that support the LGBT community in London. Every Tuesday you can go and participate in karaoke with a state-of-the-art sound system, professional lighting, and microphones. If that’s not the scene for you, you can head over on any Friday or Saturday night for the best DJs London has to offer and dance your ass off across two floor levels. Not to mention the drag shows they host are amazing!

The dress code is “express yourself” because the bar wants you to have a sense of self-discovery inside. 

The bar screams fun, expressiveness, and individuality. On the website the slogan is:

”Satisfy your senses, embrace your curiosity and discover a new way to unlock the night. Zodiac is a Queer owned and managed venue with the best performances and nightlife London has to offer.”

The bar opens daily in Camden, London from 6pm until late and welcomes you to join in anytime you want. 

When spoken to at another bar in London, Jade mentioned that the bar supports the community in many ways. Primarily in that it is one of the only venues to be queer owned and operated in London. 

Having a drink here will keep you entertained, and in turn you will be supporting the LGBT community in London. 

When you take a trip to London will you head over to the bar? If so, what are you looking forward to seeing? Let us know in the comments, we would love to hear what you think!

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