The Top 3 Hair Styles for Your Best Look in Summer 2022

The hair styles you get needs to declare your entrance, so you own the room.

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This article was published on April 7th, 2022

We all love a good hair style. It feels amazing to leave the barber feeling light and refreshed with a look that puts you in the zone for a night out on the town and for all your epic selfies. The cut you get needs to be stylish and have a sassy yet sophisticated tone so you can own the room when you make your grand entrance. 

Here’s a quick reality check on why we need to talk about our hairstyles. First, we need to know what they are because everyone can agree that we’re bolder and more fun than straight people. Queer people more inclined to take on a look that may be unconventional because we all secretly want to be Regina and say, “Boo! You Whore” at the people who want to be boring. 

If you’re looking for a style that will keep the boys going Gaga, here’s what you need to ask your stylist or barber for this summer. 

The undercut

Not sure of what this hairstyle is or why it looks so freaking sexy? Look at Brad Pitt. He likes to combine an undercut with the top of his hair slicked back. Everyone knows he’s hot, and the hair is the cherry on top of the cake. This hairstyle is best for people with thick or curly hair. If your hair is thin, you may have difficulty doing anything with the longer portion on the top. 

The fading buzz cut

Are you a fan of David Beckham? We all are, especially when he’s playing football, but – it’s unclear if that’s for the sport or the beautiful men running across the field. Clearly, he is gorgeous, and the hairstyle he sports is a faded buzzcut. The hairstyle is perfect for the summer because it’s lightweight and keeps your head feeling cool. Also, who wouldn’t want to look as good as Beckham or Nick Jonas?

Shaved sides and a quiff

Take it back to the 80s when this hairstyle originated. You can’t go wrong with a quiff because it radiates beauty with luscious locks waving on top of your head. If you are unsure about your face shape, this style is versatile and can be slicked back, combed over, or blow-dried. Zayn Malik has a quiff, and he absolutely rocks it. 

All these looks are excellent for summer. However, that look is never complete without the products you need to stay looking fly while you dance the night away. The barber industry understands this, so some are starting to curate their own products for the perfect anytime style. 

When pairing hair cutting with the perfect products it’s called grooming, and it’s well known that good product completes a look. A team of disruptors in Henkel North America’s beauty care business created a brand-new range of high-performing grooming goods to elevate your style and bring next-level quality. These people make up the STMNT grooming goods brand, and they can keep your hair perfect after a fresh new cut. 

The STAYGOLD collection is where you can see a collection of nicely curated products, from powders to pomades. The collection is designed by an L.A.-based, award-winning barber Sofie Pak

If that collection doesn’t seem like it would be for you – there are other amazing options to suit your new look. The JULIUS CVESAR collection by Julius Arriola aims to break the mold of grooming standards and inspire you to manifest your own statement boldly. 

Last but not least is the NOMAD BARBER collection designed by Miguel Gutierrez, the NOMAD BARBER.

What do you think about the styles we have mentioned here? Which will you be rocking and why? Don’t be afraid to comment on which celebrity you think rocked the hairstyles best. It’s always lovely and interesting to see what everyone likes!

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