Cooking Tricks Every Single Gay Guy Should Master

Basic things every gay man needs to know how to do, and master, when it comes to cooking.

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This article was published on April 9th, 2022

We gays love takeout, eating out in fancy restaurants (when our sugar daddy is buying) and going on our daily Starbucks runs. However, not every meal you enjoy can come from outside—this costs money and can completely obliterate your figure. So if you’re a single gay guy with a tiny kitchen, you can prepare a variety of foods and drinks that will not only help you with your budget, but also allow you to take better care of your diet and even impress any guy you have over. Here are a few basics you need to know about cooking: 

Making awesome iced coffee

Are you even gay if you don’t live and breathe iced coffee? To make the perfect iced coffee before going to work or running errands or to get your newest hookup out of bed and on his way, you need a glass full of ice, some black coffee (room temp), milk of your choice and some sweetener and voila! You can top it off with some flavored syrups or not, the choice is yours, sir. 

Whipping up a light salad dressing

If you’re trying to eat healthier, then you’re probably more than sick of tasteless salads you chop up at home. Well, to give your salad that restaurant taste and smell, you need to up your dressing game. To make a good salad dressing you need four things: something acidic (lemon, lime, vinegar), something fatty (avocado or extra virgin olive oil work the best), something sweet (honey, agave syrup, maple syrup) and some additional flavor (usually salt, pepper, garlic, chili, herbs, spices). Experiment with different combinations until you find a perfect one for your salads. And when compared to store-bought dressings, homemade ones are much lower on calories, fats and sodium. 

Get familiar with flavorings, herbs and spices

The biggest secret of cooking is a rich spice cabinet. As long as you have two pans, two ingredients and a few spices, you can actually whip up a meal that tastes good. The best thing you can do for your cooking is to invest in quality spices and flavors because they last for a long time and really make a difference. Imaging pulling out a grinder of Himalayan rock salt and placing it on your table to serve with salad or steak—it leaves a much better impression and taste than boring old salt that’s white and not pink (and we know pink is always better). 

Making pasta

Ew, carbs! Just kidding! Pasta, in all its shapes, sizes and colors, is one of the most versatile cooking additions to your arsenal. And you might think that you just toss dry pasta in water, wait for 10 minutes and have perfectly cooked pasta, but that’s usually not true. To get the best pasta, use a large pot, boiling water and follow the instructions on the noodle bag. Once you know how to cook perfect pasta, you’ll be able to whip up dozens of quick lunch and dinner options and feed all your friends on a budget.  

Grilling a steak

A steak is one of the most lux dishes you can enjoy, and even if you don’t like it one bit, the chances are that your boyfriend in the future will. Sure, you can always take him out for a steak, but there’s something very significant in making a big slab of meat for him in your kitchen. To make the perfect steak, season a boneless cut with salt and pepper, place on a hot pan and sear until deep brown and gold on each side (a few minutes). To make the steak extra juicy, add butter and herbs to the pan and baste the meat for one or two last minutes of cooking. There’s no way any guy can resist a steak this perfect. Serve with red wine

If you’re happily single, these tips will allow you to save a lot of money on daily takeout and maintain a better figure. If you’re courting a guy, these tips will come in handy when making a delish dinner for him. And if you love to treat your fellow gays with an occasional meal, these will definitely minimize the number of food poisonings the day after. All in all, every gay guy will benefit from these tips! 

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