Fashion Style Guide For The Over-30 Gay Guy

The 30s is the period where you settle on your personal fashion style and wear everything like a star.

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This article was published on May 14th, 2022

After their 20s, in which gay men have too much energy and enthusiasm to worry, entering every next decade causes a smaller or bigger crisis in the minds of most people. However, if you treat yourself right and if you love life enough, you will soon find ways to enjoy your 30s, 40s, and so on, like it’s the best time of your life.

When it comes to style, the 30s is the period where gay men finally settle with one or two styles and wear everything like a star. Now: gay men are usually perceived as people who have style and visual taste in their blood. But, let’s put stereotypes aside and see your over-thirty male fashion as something that needs to be established and cultivated. The gay scene is a bit more fashionable, indeed, but let’s find your personal preference and then maybe take it to the next level if you want to be the most noticeable guy in your community.

Suits always help

Whether you are a serious businessman or you just want to flash a tailored jacket in an upscale bar, choosing a suit that fits you takes some effort. Every grown man has to have a few of those in his closet, but please don’t just randomly choose a black one for funerals and a bright one for weddings and ignore suits the rest of the time.

A well-designed suit can be matched with denim and even sneakers if you are not too formal. On the other hand, if you need to be fitted for work from head to toe, use a well-known tailor or spend a little more on a quality brand because it will last longer and make you look much better. Choose carefully – from color to material, from tight to loose, everything needs to match your body, usual style, and personality. If you find the right ones for you, they can get you far for whichever goal you use them.

Accessorize wisely

Every piece amongst your usual or casual accessories represents your personal style and shows taste or a lack of it. Of course, choose things you like because you are, after all, the one who uses them. But watch out not to clash several styles, colors, and designs because that mistake will surely get noticed.

The most important accessories for men are definitely watches, belts, wallets, and ties. Every one of these shows what kind of a guy you are and what you want to achieve.

The wristwatch can be bigger but tastefully done; nothing too flashy or something won at a county fair. Even better if you use a smaller one, maybe with a leather bracelet or something with quality metals.

The wallet can have simple lines and colors, nothing too bright and too decorated. You can choose leather if you love that old-school look or choose a carbon fiber wallet if you are more into modern styles and need something slimmer and easier to carry.

Belts and ties can be more varied, but always see that they match the rest of your outfit or give a strong impression when talking to people.

Don’t be afraid of athletic wear

Yes, you’re maybe out of your craziest, most energetic years, but your body can still wear all those sporty things or lots of other casual varieties, no worries. If you take care of your body, there is no excuse not to wear a body-fit T-shirt, to show those tight arms. Maybe even a sleeveless one if you are more sculpted than an average Joe. Sneakers can look stylish if you choose the right color and design. Even sweatpants and sweatshirts can sometimes hit the spot if they are fitted and in the right color for you.

This is just some advice on how to treat your thirties well and walk around as a confident man. In this decade of your life, you still have the energy of your younger self but with an experienced mind. So, it is maybe the best age to be in. Use it to your advantage and enjoy life like never before.

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