Matador Meggings Launches Exciting New Pride Collection

Show your Pride this season with the new Pride collection of functional and fashionable leggings just released by Matador Meggings.

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This article was published on June 15th, 2022

Matador Meggings is an innovative men’s athleisure brand primarily known for its men’s leggings specifically designed for the male anatomy featuring a no visible penis line (VPL). Taking cues from the speed, precision, and agility of matadors, the company has designed apparel that is ready for whatever battle life throws your way. Whether you are at the gym, a circuit party or Sunday Brunch, Matador Meggings has men covered in fully functional and fashionable leggings that offer a master class in technology, design, and comfort.

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The design of Matador Meggings have been thoroughly considered from top to bottom, including:

  • a soft molded crotch cup that eliminates that tricky visible penis line (VPL) situation
  • an open pocket for your phone
  • a zipper pocket to store valuables
  • an inner drawstring for more secure fit
  • a t-shirt/towel loop for a more hands-free experience
  • performance fabric features featherweight, sweat-wicking, odor-free, 4-way stretch, polyester & lycra blend

Meggings Are the Evolution of Men’s Apparel

When Matador Meggings launched just over two years ago, they firmly believed that spandex had purpose. They set out to design meggings that could be adapted to just about any situation and occasion, offering complete versatility in their bold line-up of athleisure wear. 

Compression pants are ideal for all seasons because of their lightweight and stretchy material, offering all-day comfort during your activities and moisture-wicking properties that keep you dry. Previously relegated to the gym or physical fitness, meggings have now transitioned outside of fitness centers and Matador Meggings have created designs in a wide variety of fabulous colors and patterns to fit all tastes, flattering on any body type. 

Their collection is exciting and extensive, with new releases every month to whet your sartorial appetite and keep you looking fresh. They really have thought of every angle, and now men have not only the option to be fashionable and functional, but also look f*ckable while doing it. Complement your meggings with other Matador pieces – including sexy tank tops, shorts, tops, bike gear. Fiercely hit the road in style!

Wear Your Pride

“It’s time to break down the brick walls society has put up or paint it rainbow colors and be our true self” says Valentine Aseyo, maker of Matador Meggings. The brand that revolutionized men’s leggings celebrates the Pride Month with a series of limited-edition products. You can show and wear your Pride 365 days a year with this exciting, brand-new collection of Pride gear just launched by Matador Meggings. 

Pride Butterflies

Sting like a bee later! Right now, float like a bold and beautiful butterfly! Let them try to escape the visual ecstasy of this print! Made for the streets, perfected for the corners, and calling out to the alleys, this is the best way to create a scene without saying a word. This print will get noticed by even the worst gaydars! 

Rainbow Shorts

What better way to break it down and then break on through than in Matador’s  Rainbow Shorts that showcase your pride and fierceness throughout the festivities.

Rainbow Meggings

The ultimate in badass and fun, these Rainbow meggings are form-fitting, attention-grabbing, and guaranteed to stand out at any  Pride festivity.

Pride ZigZag

Why compromise on fashion and function when there are Pride ZigZag meggings that ramp up the style and fun factor? Make any scene vibrant with our exclamation point apparel. Don’t compromise your style. Feel proud, be loud. Go paint the town red! And orange, and yellow, and green, and blue, and purple!

Inclusive Pride Flag Products

Coming out of this pandemic, we are ready to celebrate this special and proud moment out-loud with the world this June. Pride is all about connecting with people and enjoying the festivities with friends and family. Matador Meggings has launched their Pride Flag Collection to match every single color in the inclusive flag. These vibrant colors and bold prints are ideal to dress up as a group. 

Red/Black Meggings

Built for men with the bullfighter spirit, these compression pants are up for any challenge you may come across, constructed with premium quality and durability. You’ll have everyone seeing red. 

Starburst Meggings

Let the sunshine in with lightweight compression tights that feel like a second skin. Catch the summer season at its peak in versatile meggings that can take you from the gym to errands, and a night out on the town.

Yellow/Black Meggings

Beckon the light and be the light in attention-grabbing meggings that shine just as brightly as you do. Shine your light to the world!

Emerald Meggings

Green is the color of life, and these emerald meggings are designed to serve those that live it to the fullest! Spring into action in a sexy, luxurious way.

Blue/Black Meggings

Few color combinations are as sexy and subtle as blue and black, and these meggings showcase both colors and the electricity they generate. Complement these hues with a black tank top and hoodie for a sexy urban vibe. 

Purple/Black Meggings

Let the purple reign begin! Exude the confidence, determination, and luxury that the color symbolizes in our purple and black meggings that match your majesty and mood. 

Marble Meggings

There is left nothing to chance when designing comfortable, high-performance leggings that have been calibrated for men with active lifestyles. The marble meggings are eye-catching, breathable, and perfectly suited for high-intense workout sessions or running errands around town. 

Pink Leopard Meggings

Think pink! Go bolder and bigger than you ever have before in these singular pink compression tights with leopard print. Impossible to ignore, these vibrant meggings are the ultimate in festival lewks that no one will ever forget. 

Sky Meggings

You can never go wrong with a classic deep and sky blue meggings represent the cool and calming forces of nature in winning style. Train in these or lounge around the house in complete comfort. 

Leopard Meggings

Welcome to The Discovery Channel! Bring the call of the wild to your wardrobe in these stunning leopard meggings that exude the speed and dominance associated with a beautiful creature. Lightweight and breathable, these are the right tights for a late-night party or a weekend festival.

Black/Black Meggings

Always bet on black – on black! These are the classic meggings that belong in every fashion forward man’s collection. 

Save 10% Now

Order your Matador Meggings today and receive 10% off your first purchase with code “HOMOCULTURE”.

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