‘Call Me Mother’ Returns for Season 2

The second season features more trailblazing tales from queer personalities worldwide.

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This article was published on June 22nd, 2022

Ascendent podcast studio Novel and host Shon Faye just recently announced the second season of Call Me Mother, the trailblazing archive for members of the queer community who have something important and relevant to say about what it means to be a member of a marginalized community today. The first episode drops on June 24, 2022.

What Viewers Can Expect from Season 2

The second season of Call Me Mother chronicles connecting with a younger generation of LGBTQ+ community members — providing listeners the vocabulary necessary to grapple with unfamiliar experiences, showcasing how they belong to a much broader history. 

The upcoming season will feature voices and histories from around the world, including Donna Persona of San Francisco’s Compton’s Cafeteria, the UK’s Lisa Power, founder of Stonewall, Zsa Zsa Fisher, a South African trans rights worker and former Miss Gay South Africa, founder of Nigeria’s House of Rainbow, Jide Macaulay, and many more.

Queer History Disseminated Like Never Before

In shining a light on stories that are typically overlooked, Faye is “not only highlighting the tireless work and valuable life experiences of previous generations,” says Bustle on the impact of season one, but “providing younger listeners with an oral queer history they’d struggle to find anywhere else.”

About Shon Faye

Shon Faye is based in the United Kingdom and is an Oxford grad, editor, journalist, and activist known for her unique commentary on LGBTQ+ women, mental health issues, and more. Previously, she was an editor-at-large at Dazed and has contributed to The GuardianThe IndependentVICEAttitudeVerso and more. Since hosting the first season of the show, she has released the 2021 bestseller, The Transgender Issue: An Argument for Justice, a harrowing yet hopeful call for trans rights and ultimately, complete liberation.

About Novel

As the largest independent podcast production company in Europe. Novel produces ambitious original podcasts and award-winning shows for brands like Spotify, Audible, and iHeart, including an Apple Global #1 (Harsh Reality: The Story of Miriam Rivera), and successful forays into avant comedy (Futile Attempts), music (Charli XCX’s Best Song Ever), and queer culture (Call Me Mother). To date, Novel has launched more than 40 shows, produced over 400 hours of content, and have won 25 awards.

Listen to the trailer for season two of Call Me Mother here.

What are you looking forward to in this upcoming season? Let HomoCulture know in the comments section below!

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