The Secret to a Rock-Hard Erection and Unforgettable Sex

He’s in love with you and the best toy on the market made it so easy for him to fall…

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This article was published on June 29th, 2022

Have you ever been to Puerto Vallarta? You are sitting on a pristine sandy beach drinking a cocktail, wishing you had some cock-in-your-tail, when suddenly you see the most beautiful, tanned man you’ve ever laid eyes on. His body is chiseled, not with 6, but 8 glistening, oiled up, rock hard abs. 

Naturally, you feel slightly nervous as you see him walking towards you. Normally you’re not insecure about your body – but, with this adonis, akin to Hercules in stature, you begin to twiddle your fingers and feel the salty sweat droplets drip down your sunscreen covered face . 

In your stomach you feel the butterflies flapping their wings so quickly that you’re entering a state of elation. 

You have the devil on one shoulder whispering “oh, the things he could do to you” and the angel on the other saying “don’t give it up…” 

Secretly you’re probably hoping he will not speak to you, but your carnal urges are getting the best of you – and you’re fighting a losing battle with your penis.

Then it happens…

He approaches you and says, “Hola, are you from around here?” You pick your jaw up off the ground and reply, “No, I’m visiting.” The stars have aligned, and you realize that this trip is going to be one you will not forget for years to come. 

You ask him to arrange a meet up for the following day for a tour of the city and he obliges. He takes you to a neighboring island on a little exploring expedition. You go back to his apartment, just as the sun is beginning to set. 

The beautiful pink, purple and blue sky looks like a picturesque rainbow, and you notice him opening all the windows in his room. An orange hue of sunlight washes over his bedroom.

He sits down beside you and your nose is invigorated with sweet undertones of mint, green apple, and lemon. He moves in closer, and you can almost taste him. The only thing that could be better now is to touch his smooth, glowing, honey colored skin. 

Drunk with lust, you are no doubt picturing yourself with him, running your hands up and down his abs, kissing his beautiful lips.

He moves in closer, and you inhale deeply and take him in with your nostrils. Your eyes roll back, and you recognize the sweet smell of vanilla.

“Diesel,” you whisper – to which he replies, “sí, mi amor.” The foreplay starts and suddenly…

You feel overwhelmed and anxious. He’s so unbelievably hot that you may not be able to get it up, and if you do – how will you ever manage to stay hard enough to not embarrass yourself?

You need a solution quickly because you don’t want to miss out on your chance to have the best sex of your life. 

We’ve all been in situations like this. We meet the guy of our dreams and then imposter syndrome sets in. We feel like we can’t perform to their standards. How will we manage to keep a rock-hard erection when we’re anxious? How can we make sure the person we are with has the time of their life?

Erectile dysfunction will affect over 300 million men by 2025. You need a solution that will keep you rock hard all night – so you aren’t a minute man for the guy of your dreams. You don’t want to hear him say, “is it me?” because your reply will need to be, “no, it’s definitely me.” It can cause men to look at you or think of you as someone who isn’t very sexually experienced. 

You also don’t want to pop a Viagra because there’s a strong stigma that Viagra is for mature men


Pulling out a cheap sex toy isn’t a very cute option, clearly the man you are with has certain tastes. Inherently we all want to accommodate and impress those we desire.

There is a solution that will keep you rock hard, no pills needed. One that gives your lover a taste of luxury and creates a climax so intense they will always want to have sex with you – and only you. 

You need a cock ring made for the gods – the alphas and the superiors. The LELO X Diesel limited edition Tor 2 is the complete package. You take it out and he’s immediately intrigued. As he’s searching for batteries you walk over and touch his hands, shaking your head you point to the rechargeable battery port. 

The intense vibrations range from a light flicker – perfect for tantalizing the senses of your partner – to throbbing, intense shudder-inducing palpitations. Using it you can slowly increase the intensity until he is begging you for more.

You put it around the base of your shaft. The material stretches, so you know it will fit – then you start with low vibrations. A slight pulse as he’s on top of you, breathing heavily onto your lips and teasing them with his. You realize this is perfect for the sensual sex you desire from this gay god. 

As things begin to get more intense, you increase the frequency and intensity of the vibrations to match your cadence. He is on the verge of a body shaking experience, stronger than any volcano. All of which you have caused.

He lifts off his shirt and pulls down his pants. He has a beautiful peach bubble butt, and you’re hungry for it. As he pulls off his boxers to display his beautifully toned ass, fear sets in. You haven’t yet begun and already feel like you’re fighting back the urge to prematurely ejaculate. Most men will experience premature ejaculation, you know it’s normal – but in this situation you want it to stop. 

You grab the LELO X Diesel limited edition Tor 2 – and he catches a glimpse of the beautiful red color. You place it around your cock as he touches it. It’s velvety smooth and he likes it. You’ve managed to reduce your urge to finish. 

As you slowly penetrate him, he feels the velvety smooth texture on his body, and you turn the pulse up to full speed and he goes wild. You’re so into that, neither you nor he realizes the speed at which things are progressing. Finally – it happens. You feel him quiver and quench and it pushes you over the edge. 

You both fall onto the bed, and he looks at you with his big beautiful brown eyes. He leans over and kisses you and whispers in your ear, “that was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Can we go again?”

To give you time to recover, you reply, “Let’s go to the shower.” with most toys that would be an issue, but not with the LELO X Diesel limited edition Tor 2. It’s waterproof, so you can follow your hedonistic instincts in the shower without worrying about ruining the best toy you will ever own. 

The process repeats. He is in love with you. All because you had the best toy available on the market. 

We all want to be the hero in our own story – and no matter the sexual frustrations you may have, the LELO X Diesel limited edition Tor 2 is the toy to solve them. 

When you finish with your dream man, you take off the ring and clean it with warm soap and water before slipping it back into its premium silk case that’s as soft as his lips.

When it comes to a cock ring that ticks off all the boxes, the LELO X Diesel limited edition Tor 2 is a must-have premium vibrating cock ring for your adult toy chest. After all, who wants to cut corners when they’re trying to impress and risk losing the man of their dreams for life. 

Will you chase your carnal desires and have the best sex of your life with the LELO X Diesel limited edition Tor 2?

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