Le Dîner en Blanc: The City’s Largest Dinner Party Returns to Vancouver!

Gays do love a theme party – and this one can fill your Instagram feed with incredible photos!

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This article was published on July 7th, 2022

The gay community has been known to throw some pretty epic parties, but few are as grandiose as Le Dîner en Blanc. It is regarded as one of the most exclusive and glamorous events of the year, with a waiting list that spans across Canada and beyond.

And after a 2-year hiatus, Le Dîner en Blanc – Vancouver is making a grand return! The elegant and secret affair has become one of the most anticipated events of the year. Taking place Thursday, August 18, 2022, at a new secret location, guests are once again invited to dine and dance under the stars.

Le Diner en Blanc: a global gastronomic phenomenon

Le Dîner en Blanc is an event that transports us into another world. The sea of ​​people all adorned in white creates images that are instantly ‘Instagram-able’. Whether meeting new people or reuniting with long-time friends, this year’s event promises an evening à la française where conversation and champagne are essential. 

Presented in partnership with The Social Concierge, Co-founder Tyson Villeneuve is excited to host in this year’s iteration: “This chic and elegant affair is the perfect opportunity for our community to shop local and support neighbourhood vendors. This year, the number of participants will be limited, so we strongly invite the participants to register early.”

Diner En Blanc: A Culinary Delight returns to Vancouver.

Over the past few years, Le Dîner en Blanc has gained a reputation for being one of the biggest single-night parties in town – not only for its size and scope, but also its ability to attract local celebrities and international guests alike.

Epicurean phenomenon

It has become a must-attend event among the gays owing to its exclusive atmosphere, stylish attire, and high-class cuisine served by some of Vancouver’s best chefs. But there’s more than just the food that draws people to this party – there’s also an incredibly fun atmosphere with tons of dancing, socializing, and delicious food.

Le Dîner en Blanc has become a worldwide epicurean phenomenon. What was a “friends and word-of-mouth only” event has grown into an international sensation celebrated on six continents. Launched in Paris in 1988 by François Pasquier and a handful of friends, Le Dîner en Blanc de Paris marked its 30th anniversary in 2018 with a record 17,000 guests from Paris and around the world. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Dîner en Blanc International is responsible for developing this secret posh picnic in over 120 cities in 40 countries around the world.

With so many reasons for same-sex couples to come together in celebration of love and equality, why not take advantage of this opportunity to show off your love for each other? And there are countless reasons why gay men resonate well with the party.

Gays love a theme party!

The first reason is that gay people love a theme party. If you’ve ever been to one of these events, you know how much fun they can be. Think about all the different ways you can dress up in your best duds and make an impression on whoever you’re going to impress (or just yourself).

Diner En Blanc: A Culinary Delight returns to Vancouver.

The second reason is because gay men have an appreciation for the finer things in life. They know that when it comes to style, class and elegance are important—and Le Dîner en Blanc is all about that!

And lastly—and maybe most importantly—gay people have an appreciation for being able to spend time with friends without having to worry about what other people think of them or their sexuality. They love being able to dance under the stars without worrying about someone walking by who might be offended by what they’re wearing or how loud they’re dancing (or even if they’re dancing at all).

With the event back in Vancouver, it certainly seems like an opportune time for the city’s biggest and best dinner party to return. Vancouver is rife with parties of all kinds—from bachelorette parties and wedding showers to baby showers and birthday parties—but none are quite as unique as Le Diner en Blanc.

Diner En Blanc: A Culinary Delight returns to Vancouver.

To maintain the uniqueness of Le Dîner en Blanc as well as staying true to tradition, guests will be required to observe certain requirements and follow a few key rules including maintaining an elegant and white only dress code as well as observing an all-white table setting. 

Likewise, to ensure that the location secret is kept undisclosed until the last minute, guests will meet at the assigned departure location and will be escorted by a Dîner en Blanc volunteer.

Diner En Blanc: A Culinary Delight returns to Vancouver.

Participation to this unique event happens in three stages: Phase 1 is for members from the previous edition; Phase 2 is for new members who are referred by Phase I attendees; and Phase 3 is for people who signed up for the waiting list.  

To get the opportunity to be part of the experience, you can sign up now by visiting vancouver.dinerenblanc.com and clicking on the Register tab. 

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