Matador Meggings Have Released Two Super Cute Pride Shirts and We Are Loving Them

These two, awesome signature pieces of Matador Meggings Pride gear will be a fabulous addition to your closet.

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This article was published on July 16th, 2022

The gay community is known for its passion, and when it comes to Pride, that’s no different. Gay men are always looking for new ways to express themselves through their style, and that includes wearing clothing that speak directly to their identity.

Gay men like to have a few signature pieces of Pride gear in their closet to wear to Pride events, parties, and when they want to make a statement. These aren’t everyday pieces of wardrobe. From full-length sequined dresses to rainbow mohawk hair styles and glittering platform shoes, gay men do like wearing their hearts on their sleeves, especially at Pride festivities.

If you’re looking for a new shirt that will really let you show your pride, and your true colors, look no further than Matador Meggings. They have released two super cute Pride shirts and we are loving them!

Make a statement with the Matador Meggings rainbow T-shirt and tank top

The Rainbow T-shirt and tank top are sure to make a statement—and they’ll get tons of attention at Pride events. Stand out in the crowd and scream “I’m proud to be gay” these tops that will help set your outfit apart from everyone else in the crowd. They’ll also work great as an addition to any closet of yours that already has plenty of other Pride gear—they’re just so versatile!

You know when you want to show off your pride while still looking classy, and not like a rainbow flag. That’s where these shirts come in! The prints are vibrant and will bring you so much joy every time you wear them.

Matador Meggings, an innovative men’s athleisure brand primarily known for its men’s leggings, have gone a notch higher with the new additions of shorts, and now Pride shirts. Take our word for it, these two fabulous shirts by Matador Meggings are not your average shirts—they’re made from an incredibly soft fabric that will keep you cool, even on the hottest days of summer and in the sweatiest night clubs.

These shirts are great because it’s not just about the colors or the design; it’s also about embracing who you are, what makes you unique and most importantly, your authenticity. These shirts will make you feel comfortable, and proud. 

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Soft, comfortable, high-quality material

There is every reason to get these stunning, bold, and colorful Matador Meggings shirts, especially because they are made with extremely high-quality, sweat-wicking, 4-way stretch, silky smooth, premium performance fabric.

These are unlike any other t-shirt or tank top you’ve ever owned; they’re soft, comfortable and make you look and feel like a total boss. What’s more is that they come in sizes up to 2XL! Whether you need a size large or extra-large, these shirts are here for you.

Another reason why we love these shirts is because the colous aren’t going to bleed so they are going to stay bold, bright, and look fantastic for a long time. 

Save 10% now. Order your Matador Meggings today and receive 10% off your first purchase with code “HOMOCULTURE”. Shop Matador Pride Collection Now

If you’re looking for something to wear at Pride events or parties, the crew at HomoCulture highly recommend these shirts. They’re perfect for showing off your pride and making an impact on people who might not have realized how much LGBTQ+ people mean to us all.

Finally, you can now own these super cute Pride shirts that can be worn anywhere else during the day — like the ever-so-important Sunday brunch — they’d be perfect for that too. 

You can get yourself a pair of these amazing Matador Meggings Pride shirts starting at $55USD. 

Save 10% now. Order your Matador Meggings today and receive 10% off your first purchase with code “HOMOCULTURE”. Shop Matador Pride Collection Now

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