Mabel Announces Her Newest Album, About Last Night

Her second album is sending sonic shockwaves to radio!

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This article was published on July 19th, 2022

Mabel has released her second album called About Last Night on Polydor Records. Mable released the riveting project teaser with a new track, ‘Overthinking’, which features 24kGoldn. The teaser also contains her exhilarating first singles, i.e., ‘Good Luck’, ‘Let Them Know’, and others.

The New Album Comes Right on Time!

About Last Night comes three years after the British Award winner’s debut album, High Expectations. The debut album propelled Mabel’s catalog to over 4.5 billion streams, sales of 8 million singles plus 12 top 20 hits, and 2.5 million album sales. 

As the world slipped into the COVID lockdown, Mabel conceived the new album and completed it as life went back to normal. About Last Night is a vivid and surreal journey of the best night out, from its beginning to its messy end. Each track tells of the details, from getting ready to go out, a feeling of invincibility, hitting an ex, bathroom tears, and staggering home, transforming everything into a magical event. Mabel is a young artist who keeps her dating life very private. She is currently not dating anyone. She has been linked to a boyfriend before- Robert Pattinson.

Throughout the album, Mabel shows her expansive artistry and singular ways with modern pop. The album’s influences span from the freeing rapture of the noughties club culture (2000-2009) to an eclectic mix of transatlantic R&B and dance-pop.

Behind The Scenes Of ‘About Last Night’

About Last Night’s feel-good blueprint conception happened between Mabel’s West London Home, Oxford’s Angelic studios, and LA’s inspiring creative spaces, including Frank Sinatra’s former hilltop residence. Earlier, Mabel assembled several collaborators like Raye, Jax Jones, MNEK, and Kamille. Mabel also teamed up with new collaborators like SG Lewis before the completion of the project in between lockdowns in the US with production assistance from others such as Stargate (Katy Perry, Rihanna), Tommy Brown (Victoria Monet, Ariana Grande), and Jozzy (Lil Nas X, Beyoncé), and Alde (Justin Bieber).

Mabel gave her fans a hint of what she was working on with the first single, titled ‘Let Them Know’. The song is about dressing up for no reason and projecting a boost of confidence to people who need it. ‘Good Luck’ has heartbreak influences and female solidarity. About Last Night is a brutally honest description of nightlife, finding yourself, and social anxiety.

Mabel & The Message

Mabel is a young woman living her life to the fullest. She intends to make music that empowers anyone who needs it. The British pop star (and coincidentally the offspring of pop singer Neneh Cherry) has been vocal in the past about why it is important to be a source of inspiration for her LGBTQ+ fans and understands her position as an ally. She stated:

‘I had my own issues and struggles growing up, where I felt I couldn’t be myself. I couldn’t imagine what that feels like,’ she opines.

Mabel has courted controversy in the past for opining that Pride events should feature more LGBTQ+ performers first and foremost, a move that was supposed by many within the community. Clearly, Mabel knows her place in the fight for equality and her young fans are loving her songs that are anthems of self-love and inner strength that inspire them. 

About Last Night focuses on the small and momentary choices that constitute going out on a big night. The album also focuses on life-changing decisions. This record is about learning to live for the moment – carpe diem – and the wisdom that whatever happened last night can always wait until the next day when the sun must rise again, signifying a new beginning.

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