Layke Releases Banging New Album

Layke’s new single "XOXO" is an ode to the LGBTQIA+ community you must hear for yourself.

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This article was published on August 9th, 2022

The singer/songwriter and producer Layke has dropped her third full-length EP titled Frequency. The project is a culmination of everything Layke has been working toward since releasing her debut EP, LAYKE, Pt. 1, in 2018.

In addition to being a songwriter, producer, and vocalist, Layke is a queer artist whose work explores themes surrounding gender identity and sexuality. Her latest release, Frequency, is a vivid and intensely personal portrait of Layke’s journey from emotional chaos to joyful liberation as she intimately documents her struggle with anxiety while also celebrating the beauty of her life today.

On the record, Layke sings about the pain of living in the world we live in today, how it affects us personally, and what we can do to make things better. She writes about love, loss, self-care, mental health, and acceptance. And she does it all over some of her most iconic songs like “XOXO,” No One Can Stop Us,” “Help me out,” and ”Sanity”.

The EP starts with “Frequency,” which aims to take listeners on a psychedelic journey with someone they’re on the same wavelength — emotionally and spiritually. The visuals accompany the “out there” vibe she’s putting off. In the video, you’ll see colorful, bright lights and the most fabulous nails we’ve ever witnessed in a music video. 

The song “Help Me Out,” from E!’s Best New Music of 2020 list, highlights enduring mental anguish by mimicking the unsettling feeling of having an anxiety attack. The chorus is introduced with a slower half-beat rhythm, and the visual shows the calm before the storm. If you’ve ever experienced an anxiety attack, you will understand the emotion and melodic rhythm behind the sound. The beat drop in the song is great and adds an upbeat, faster-paced rhythm to the song. We all know an anxiety attack can feel overwhelming and like everything is spinning. The choreography in the video is relatable to anyone suffering from anxiety. 

“XOXO” is an ode to the LGBTQIA+ community. “XOXO” was co-written with Transviolet’s Sarah McTaggart along with Layke and producer Adrian Gurvitz.. It’s a celebration of coming out, self-love, and living life without limits. And it’s a love letter to everyone who has embraced and supported her along her journey as she continues to grow and evolve. The upbeat, happy rhythm and lyrics invite escapism to freedom through the beat. 

Frequency’s banging tracklist 

1. Frequency

2. Help Me Out


4. Holding On

5. Sanity

6. No One Can Stop Us

Layke feels empowered, having freed herself from conservatism

As a child growing up in a conservative environment, Layke often felt like an outcast but found comfort in expressing herself through dance, musical theatre and writing. Originally from Dallas, Texas, but longing for more acceptance, she packed up and moved to LA. She met and began collaborating with Gurvitz, who continued to hone her craft with relentless determination and unwavering tenaciousness. Throughout her career, she has released two eclectic and ethereal EPs, featuring her first single, “Beautiful War,” and collaborated with legendary rapper/producer Snoop Dogg on a unique version of Bastille and Mello’s “Happy.”

She uses her music to speak openly about topics she feels passionate about, helping others find their voice as they allow her to find hers. With her debut EP, “LAYKE, Pt. 1” released independently through his label, Layke has amassed nearly two million streams worldwide and has received support from the likes of Billboards, ET Canada, Audacity, Guitar Girl Magazine, ENFNTS TERRIBLES, DIVA MAG, MEAWW, NYOTA Magazine, etc.

Having reviewed the album, the only negative is that she seems to have drifted starkly from her first album. Compared to her earlier tracks, she seems to be drifting from trap-like beats in “Friends for the summer” to synthetic and unapologetic pop. 

Support a new and upcoming LGBTQ+ artist by downloading Layke’s new album. Then, drop us a comment to tell us which of her new tracks are your favorite and why. 

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