Douching for Anal Sex Just Got Better with Future Method

New quick-dissolve anal douching powder by Future Method will make bottoming cleaner, less irritating, and more enjoyable.

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This article was published on August 10th, 2022

Future Method, the sex-care brand known for combining scientific research with a holistic approach to worry-free sex, just launched a first-of-its-kind product that will totally change the game for anal engagement – a special douche powder pack specifically designed for anal sex.

Anal douche powder packs

Created to work with any bulb, developed in an easy-to-use and easy-to-customize water-soluble powder format, and TSA compliant—the anal douche powder packs are convenient, travel-friendly, and offer products that support healthy and safe anal sex accessible to all.

Cleaning your butt before and after anal play can make a difference

It’s true! The anal douche powder packs, going for $25 to $27, are designed with convenience and accessibility in mind, so you can use them anytime for pre- or post-sex cleansing. They’re also a quick-dissolving powder solution that makes it easy to get rid of unwanted waste from your rectum. The single-use packaging is especially convenient, too! Just grab one pack and boom—you’re ready to go.

Douching with just water can take multiple attempts for the water to run clear. Using soap or any other chemicals can strip away important bacteria and irritate your rectum, which can lead to anal fissures.

The anal douche powder packs are scientifically engineered to hydrate and calm the sensitive area while providing maximum compatibility with the body’s natural chemistry. They are made with pH-balanced isotonic and iso-osmolar solution, panthenol, and licorice root extract—all formulated with care by our team of master scientists. And they come in an easy-to-use water-soluble powder format so you can customize your pack however you want!

The anal douche powder packs will help keep your butt clean and comfortable. Each order comes with a handy travel case and 10 packets of douching powder. Simply mix the powder in the provided beaker, put into your bulb douche, and then cleanse the inside of your rectum until the water turns clear.

Order your anal douche powder packs from Future Method today and enjoy a clean, fresh butt. 



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