Cuba Moving Towards Gay Marriage and Adoption Rights

Cuba is the first communist country to allow same-sex marriage and progressive values including gender equality and anti-racism.

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This article was published on September 19th, 2022

A communist-led nation barely 90 miles away is preparing to make history with a vote that may herald a new era for its LGBTQ+ population while a swelling chorus of Republicans in the United States clamor for the reversal of the historic Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage nationally.

Almost half of the country’s Family Code, which up until 2019 rigidly defined marriage as “a consensual union between a man and a woman,” will be changed by the referendum in Cuba, which is slated for September. This news is being followed closely by other neighboring countries, particularly in South America, where Catholicism is the de facto religion and traditionally conservative when it comes to this issue. 

Following a prior vote conducted that year, the phrase was eliminated. A new draft code passed by MPs in December now aims for an even more ambitious set of amendments that would grant same-sex couples the same legal rights to adoption and marriage. The two noted in simultaneous comments to Newsweek that the revisions were founded on codifying three key ideas when it came to developing the Cuban Family Code: “family pluralism,” “inclusion,” and “affection as the cornerstone of family connections.”

These included giving more rights to same-sex couples and families with only one parent, victims of domestic abuse, and other groups that had historically been left out of the nation’s legal system. Same-sex marriage is entirely legal in 31 nations across the globe. The most recent are Switzerland and Slovenia, which passed legislation this summer. A handful of Mexican states have also approved the practice.

Cuban Government Takes Progressive Stance

Cuba is the first communist country to allow same-sex marriage, despite several communist nations’ progress toward progressive values like gender equality and anti-racism. If Cuba continues down this way, they can go with same-sex marriages soon. The Cuban government has shown great interest in legalizing the LGBTQ+ community, and the whole community welcomes this initiative from the government.

As the news in Cuba continues to unfold, HomoCulture will update its international readers in the coming months.

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