Fashionable Birthday Gifts For Gay Men

Buying birthday presents for gay men is a true nightmare. We already have everything we need—why? Because we see it, we like it, we want it, we get it! So […]

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This article was published on October 22nd, 2022

Buying birthday presents for gay men is a true nightmare. We already have everything we need—why? Because we see it, we like it, we want it, we get it! So what do you grab for your gay BBF or your gay partner this year? Here are a few smart yet fashionable ideas that will help him elevate his style even more and stay trendy and chic on any occasion: 

A new manscaping tool

While beards are very fashionable (and hot) right now, there’s nothing sexy about a scruffy look. No matter if your birthday boy is a hairy bear or a smooth twink, some manscaping is always necessary. You can go from something very high-quality and all-encompassing like a Philips electric groomer perfect for sensitive skin. This little dude can be used on all parts that grow hair, from your face and chest to your more sensitive areas. You’ll always get a clean look without any danger of nicks and ugly bumps. For extra furry bears who want to get rid of their natural sweater, you can opt for a practical back shaver with an extra long and grippy handle for all hard-to-reach areas on the back. 

New hot undies

If you know his size (we’re not asking how you know this), you can surprise your gay birthday boy with a new pair of underwear. This is something we all need all the time and something that will definitely not go unworn. If you want to be bold and adventurous, a pair of mesh panties or a new jockstrap is worth the investment, but for a more traditional route, new boxers or briefs will do the trick. Just make sure to research the brand and ensure they are inclusive and supportive of gay guys all over the world. 

A classic polo shirt

Listen, sometimes it’s best to go with a classic gift that will make any guy happy—a timeless polo shirt. A polo is a true vers piece of clothing, perfect for any occasion, from casual Fridays at work to first dates on Saturdays and lazy picnics on Sundays. And if you know your birthday boy always has to stand out with his fashion choices, skip a regular polo and opt for a terry cloth polo shirt with a zipper for that timeless style yet refreshing slim fit and accent details. If you want to make your gift even more memorable, take your gift recipient poolside drinking or yachting so he can show off his new fit. 

Fitness tracker

If your guy is very much a fitness freak who cares a lot about how he looks, then a gift that will improve his workouts is the key to his happiness. And when that gift is also super elegant and modern, you really can’t go wrong. Opt for the newest generation of fitness trackers to grace his wrist and provide him with all the most accurate stats about his workout time, intensity, reps, and most importantly, calories burned. And new fitness trackers are everything but ugly and bulky—they fit with any outfit and any occasion. 

Cute water bottle

Today, reusable water bottles have become a necessity for most people. They are used for practicality as much as for fashion. If you want to keep your gay hydrated and help him switch at least one of his many daily iced coffees with water, then a new Hydro Flask will do the trick. These come in all colors and prints imaginable, and you can even personalize it for him and come up with a funny message to print on his new bottle. This way, his water will stay cool for hours or his tea nice and warm all through his workday, and he’ll look super healthy and eco-conscious carrying his flask around town.

All of these gifts will make your fashionable b-day boy even more stylish and chic. Thanks to your gift, there will be no resisting this boy next time you see him in the club! 

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