6 Must-Know Gay Thought Leaders and How Much They Are Worth

Whether I was female, gay - that wasn’t part of the conversation.

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This article was published on October 23rd, 2022

From tech moguls to fashion icons, the LGBTQ community has produced some of the most successful business leaders in the world. But who are the richest LGBTQ business leaders?

1. Tim Cook – Apple, Inc. 

Net Worth: $1.8 billion

Tim Cook is the CEO of Apple and when you hear the reason he came out it will make you love the company even if you currently hate it. 

Tim Cook decided to come out because he wanted others to feel comfortable about being themselves. 

He wanted anyone struggling to come out of the closet or be themselves to know that it’s alright. 

The company has such a strong influence in today’s world. Especially in America where it holds about 90% of the mobile device market for teens ages 13-17, it just makes sense for Tim Cook to not hide that he’s a part of our community. 

2. Jim Fitterling– Dow

Net Worth: $28.3 million 

Tim Fitterling is the CEO of Dow but spent his career hiding his homosexuality. Once he decided to come out he says he, “received overwhelmingly positive support.”

He says to have seemingly miscalculated the risk to reward for coming out of the closet. It sure sounds like something the CEO of a leading stock market index. 

Coming out was an important process for him at work because without forming good relationships, it’s impossible to have good business. 

And, since he’s considered a leader, it will positively influence other leaders to be more accepting.

3. Jefferey Gennete – Macy’s 

Net Worth: $30.8 million

The CEO of Macy’s is openly gay, and recently spoke about his feelings on being our authentic selves at work. 

He is another example of a leader who is pushing forward with openness and equality in the workplace. But, unlike Jim Fitterling he came out early in his career. 

Even before he became the CEO of Macy’s he was determined that people bring their authentic selves to work.

4. Beth Ford – Land O’ Lakes

Net Worth: $5.13 million dollars 

Beth Ford is making waves in the world. She is the first openly gay woman of a Fortune 500 CEO. She started her career early on working in conservative businesses and industries. 

This led Beth to be conservative in telling people about who she truly is, but for a good reason. Beth wanted to be chosen as a CEO because of her leadership abilities. 

She stated, “Whether I was a female, gay – that wasn’t part of the conversation.”

5. Pedro Pina – Youtube 1.5 Million

Pedro Pina is currently the VP of Youtube in Europe, The Middle East and Africa(EMEA). He also used to be the VP of Global Client & Agency solutions. 

He’s a Portuguese-born executive who has been living outside of Portugal for at least 15 years. 

Pedro Pina led Google’s LGBTQ+ chapter for the EMEA region.

He stated that, “when I was a young boy, I wasn’t aware of any role models in this space. Or awards. Or visible LGBTQ+ executives, politicians or artists.

6. Matt Scarff – ITV

Net Worth: Unknown

Matt Scarff was the Director of marketing and creative at ITV in the UK. In May 2022 he decided to leave ITV to start his own business venture. 

Originally, he went into the job planning to stay two weeks, but it turned into 9 years. 

He states, “leading the best creative, events and media team in business raised the profile of diversity & inclusion and loved every minute of it.”

He also made the list of the top 10 inspirational leaders at the British LGBT awards. 

All these people are pushing forward for a more inclusive world. We should be proud that these people are part of our community. Which of these people do you find the most inspiring and why? 

Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. William G

    Big friggin deal. This reminds mew of the 1970’s television show ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’ with Robin leach n which very wealthy people were showcased flaunting their in your faces obscenely wealthy lifestyles. Bottom line these folks even though they weren’t saying ‘look at me and drool, wish you could live this well yadsa yada yada this is pretty much in your face bragging.. So these folks are mega rich, do they pay their employees well or are they like the guy running macys, which by the way pays their employees or ‘sales associates’ chump change wagesall while this buffoon laughs all the way to the bank?