Eric Bolton’s Astonishing Story and Debut Album ‘Here Between’

Here between is the debut album by Eric Bolton, a preacher challenging the church.

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This article was published on October 30th, 2022

Eric Bolton is a Canadian singer-songwriter who just released a new music video for his debut album, Here Between. 

Here’s his powerful story and everything you need to know about the album and video. 

Eric Bolton’s coming out story

On October 11th, Canadian singer-songwriter Eric Bolton describes his coming out journey, from being a conservative Christian preacher to discovering his “inner light” as an openly gay man. 

The story of his conservative Christian upbringing is one of love and presence, but also of being boxed in by constant rules. Bolton said it was a lot of fun to be raised in a loving home, but he wasn’t allowed to stray from the path. Honesty was valued as a virtue but not as a practice. He was not allowed to voice his true feelings, question authority, or say too much.

The moment he realized he was gay was the same moment he realized he must keep it a secret for the rest of his life. 

He glorified the church’s pattern of diminishing oneself. 

But his passion for music drove him to lead music groups and his passion to help people connect with the spiritual world. As a preacher, he was always connected with people on a deep level and believed that was because of the years of isolation and desperation for help.

He finally became overwhelmed with depression and was unable to function anymore. He sat in church pews for months, feeling cold and broken, before finally deciding to leave.

Around that time, he came out to his family and a couple close friends. Although they reacted with kindness, he wished they hadn’t shared their thoughts: “Y’know we’ve read that homosexuality is a type of mental illness,” “Even though you’re gay, you will not act on it,” and the biggest of all: “God is calling you to live a life without distractions in order to serve him.”

It is obvious that those things didn’t match his inner sense, but they sure caused him to go crazy.

After spending seven years removing himself from people who wanted to keep him in a depressed place, he gradually met people who saw me as whole and gave me space.

He began to feel comfortable expanding the circle of people with whom he was open until it became more prevalent in his community.

His father’s request that he return to church, which he received via e-mail, came as a huge blow. It took him years of agony to recognize that he was still not being cared for, and that realization devastated him.

A few close friends sat and cried with him and gave him the boost he needed to respond with confidence and for the first time in his life stand up for himself.

On May 25, 2020, he composed a tune called “Genesis (Let There Be Love).” It has since become his personal slogan and the day he publicized it, he came out on social media. 

Currently he’s thoroughly enjoying the process of creating a fresh world, full of fresh music.

What does Here Between sound like?

According to Classic Rock Magazine, Bolton’s moving track centers on his soulful guitars and vocals that “hit the sweet spot between Eddie Vedder, Michael Stipe, and Chris Cornell.” Bolton describes on this track his sense of defeat as a queer person in the church and the debilitated self he experienced as a result. “Moody and brooding at first, the track subsequently erupt passionately, a true reflection of the songwriter’s journey and destination of freedom and authenticity,” says Classic Rock Magazine.

The video follows the protagonist, a young boy from a troubled home (Nolan Mailloux), as he walks through the town and watches people go about their day, thriving and contented.

A listen to the track provides a hint of what to expect from the Bolton’s monumental Here Between debut album, which tells the tale of a huge phase of development and alter in which the songwriter has been immersed.

Since childhood, Canadian singer-songwriter Eric Bolton has been a fan of the arts. In addition to John Mayer, Damien Rice, Alicia Keys, U2, and Beck, Bolton appreciates the importance of music storytelling because of his diverse musical influences.

Shy Harry has been an effective solo artist and a rock band frontman for over 13 years. Bolton released his first solo single, ‘Genesis (Let There Be Love)’, in 2020, followed by ‘The Home Light’, which received the prestigious ‘Track of the Week’ and ‘Hot List’ accolades from Classic Rock Magazine.

Bolton is never far away from his music passion when he is not performing. He assists other musicians turn their dreams into reality through his music school/studio, E-Bolt Music, located in Cambridge, Ontario, where he is also a teacher, in addition to his talented team of instructors.

Eric Bolton is currently touring throughout Canada and on October 14th, his debut studio album, which includes 12 original songs, will be released.

Head over to for more information about this inspiring author and learn more about the album. 

Watch the video and let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

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