Relax Your Mind and Body with A Getaway to The Harrison River Valley

Relaxation so good your mind and body will be rejuvenated from a getaway to the Harrison River Valley.

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This article was published on November 28th, 2022

While cityscapes can be a great vacation choice for a gaycation, it’s nearly impossible to find peace, tranquility, and fresh air. Instead, holidays in the city become a hustle and bustle of activity, with crowded streets, busy restaurants, and long line-ups. What you really need is a getaway that offers breathtaking experiences with jaw-dropping natural beauty and the friendliness of a small community. There’s a hidden jewel located less than two hours east of Vancouver, British Columbia, waiting for you to discover.

The Harrison River Valley is where you’ll find nature, adventure, history, folklore, and tranquility. Looking out your window in the morning you’ll be greeted with stunning mountain views and enjoy a nice warm cup of coffee as you indulge in the placid sounds of nature that will bring your mind the ultimate relief from the big city. 

That’s the beauty of the Harrison River Valley. A place where your senses will never be overloaded with noises, your mind will feel refreshed at the end of your stay, and you’ll feel closer to nature than ever before. 

Here’s how to transform your next vacation into an uplifting, soul and mind aligning experience that will leave your feeling refreshed when you return back home. 

Align your Chakras with eye-opening views of nature at the Harrison Valley River

Your chakras align your physical and mental body. In the city it simply isn’t possible to ascend your emotions and experience total freedom and control over your senses. But, to find balance you only need to find a quiet place for you to meditate. 

The Harrison River Valley will bring you inner peace and mindfulness while resting your nerves. Nature is powerful enough to release endorphins that will keep you feeling at peace.

The valley is iconic for its untapped natural beauty. The region is a collection of land spanning Agassiz, Harrison Hot Springs, Harrison Mills, and all the communities in between. You’ll see magnificent mountains and might rivers that connect nature and present it in its natural flow. After a long day of hiking your lungs will feel brand new from all the fresh air you’ve inhaled. Your nose will tingle as you experience the scent of pine, fresh flowing water, and the beauty that beholds your eyes will leave you astonished at the magnificence of our planet. 

Finish off your day in a healing hot springs that’s sure to leave your chakras in perfect harmony, balancing overwhelming calmness with unparalleled views of nature. An experience like this is only available in the Harrison River valley. 

Plan your visit to the cherished and untouched Harrison River Valley today.

Soothe your tense muscles with a dip in the Harrison hot Springs

People who live in the city and never connect with nature are 21% more likely to have anxiety disorders. In the Harrison River Valley, Harrison Hot Springs is exactly what the doctor ordered. Slip into the warm hot springs and relax in the soothing and calming waters. Here the average temperature is 22-25 degrees Celsius (90-95 degrees Fahrenheit), year-round. 

The warmth of the water will leave your muscles feeling relaxed and all your anxieties will soak away as you bask in the warm, calming waters. The fresh, warm water is perfect for increasing blood flow. The increased blood flow will enhance your flexibility, reduce stiffness, and ease any pain you could be experiencing in as little as 10 minutes.

Once your muscles are fully relaxed and your mind in a place it hasn’t been in years, you can enjoy watersports, boat tours, wildlife viewing, hiking, golfing, spas, agri-tours, fishing, festivals, sip a glass of wine, and dine in style while viewing the glorious mountain scenery. 

View the most perfect sunset in the Harrison River Valley

In the city it’s rare to experience the calming sensation of a sunset that contrasts the sky with beaming beautiful rays of sunlight across the mountaintops. In the Harrison River Valley this is a daily occurrence to look forward to, whether you are walking along the Harrison River, sitting on the deck of your cozy cabin, or having a cup of tea overlooking Harrison Lake.

Take a stroll along the water at Harrison Lake

Harrison Lake has clear water and is nestled tightly between huge mountains forming a picturesque valley. There is a myriad of trails, from short, flat, out-and-back walking trails, to scenic hikes through the forests along the lake. 

If you enjoy folklore, the Harrison Lake area has had Sasquatch sightings and accounts for generations. As you wander along the trails, keep your eyes open and listen carefully; perhaps you could be the next person to capture a photo or video of the illusive creature that is said to roam the area.

View the largest winter eagle gathering at Sandpiper Resort

From mid-November through early January, Harrison Mills becomes home to the world’s largest migration of eagles. When you visit Harrison River Valley be sure to reserve your cabin at Sandpiper Resort. Waking up in the morning you will see nature at its finest. 

After your morning cup of coffee, explore the eagle walking trails through ancient forests that lead to a spectacular gazebo perfect for bird watching. As you walk along the trails, look up into the trees, and you’ll see eagles perched in the treetops.

On your way back, stop along the creek to see wild salmon swimming upstream as they make their way to spawn. 

Bring your binoculars and camera as you walk along the Harrison River to see eagles, guls, and other birds of prey waiting patiently to capture and feast on the wild salmon. 

Claim your chance to the see the eagles at Sand Piper Resort today. 

Fine wine, comfort food and happiness in the Harrison River Valley

The Harrison River Valley is home to uniquely BC restaurants. You’ll have a range of options to choose from where you can sit and enjoy a warm cup of coffee and snack on fresh baked goods, or enjoy a wonderful farm-to-table dinner at one of the many locally owned and operated businesses that support the local farming community. 

See all your options and plan your meals now.

A waterfront dining experience with spectacular views

Muddy Waters is a family run café which uses fresh, locally sourced ingredients to bring you a farm to table experience. By dining here, you are supporting the local community and giving back to local producers. From sandwiches and soups, to coffee, tea, and wine, it’s a fantastic lunch spot right on Harrison Lake. 

Learn more about Muddy Waters and see their menu.

Dining with a touch of class at the Rivers Edge Clubhouse at Sandpiper Resort

Elevate your dining experience with an unbelievably cozy, refined ambience. The Rivers Edge Clubhouse is open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. From classic eggs Benedict to steelhead trout, a deconstructed Mediterranean salad to braised short ribs, there are plenty of healthy lifestyle, comfort food, and locally sourced ingredients to fuel your day.

Book your experience now.

The ultimate Christmas experience: Lights By the Lake

Lights by the Lake is an annual winter lights festival that takes place from mid-November through the beginning of January. Walking through the streets of Harrison Village and discover the most magical time of the holiday season. Many of the local boutique shops are decorated for the holiday season and are the perfect place to do some Christmas shopping. 

Experience the magic this Christmas season.

Stay in a cozy log cabin or rustic cottage at Sandpiper Resort

Your very own cabin or cottage in the woods is the ultimate travel accommodation. At Sandpiper Resort, you’ll find classic rustic cottages and brand new luxury cabins. Live your Hallmark holiday movie moment as you wrap yourself in a blanket while relaxing by the fire. You’ll wake up refreshed and recharged after a quiet night, sleeping in a king size bed with crisp white linens. And enjoy the mist of the early morning, as you sit on the deck overlooking the golf course and the Harrison River. It’s truly the most magical experience. 

Book your vacation to Sandpiper resorts and experience unforgettable calmness that’ll transcend reality. 

Get peace of mind and book your relaxing stay today.

Watch the highlight reel from the HomoCulture Tour visit to Harrison River Valley

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