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A carefully curated list of the perfect gifts for the gay man on your shopping list this season.

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This article was published on November 30th, 2022

Before you hit the stores, the HomoCulture team has carefully curated the ultimate gift giving ideas for the gay man on your shopping list this holiday season.

Whether it’s for brother, coworker, or friend, these holiday gift ideas are sure to please the gay man in your life.

We’ve even provided links to some special offers, to help ease your wallet during these high inflation times. 

Gifts For Around the House 

Feeling comfortable at home is something we know everyone can get around, and fittingly, we have curated some gifts any gay man would love to have in their home. 

Weighted Blanket

Netflix and chill takes on even more meaning when it gets cold outside, making it the perfect time to get all the tools necessary in your arsenal to ensure a cozy fall and winter season. A weighted blanketis a great gift choice because it’s something everyone can use around the house and adds character to a household. Consider one that celebrates the LGBTQ+ community – not only made with super soft fleece fabric and premium suede, but custom made to your specifications for an added touch. 

Throw Pillows

A true way to make a living area in a house sing is by adding decorative pillows for sofas and couches. A colorful throw pillow can add a dash of character to a room and add a whole new level of comfort in the process. 

Scented Candles

Custom-scented, long-lasting candles are a great gift for the holidays as they add a touch of class and grant any dwelling a relaxed atmosphere. With so many aromas available these days, you can find choose from a select few or grab them all up and get caught up in the fragrances!

Robot Vacuum 

With a great home comes great responsibility, with cleanliness being priority number one. The perfect gift for a house is a smart vacuum machine that can detect dirt in ares of your house and then clean them thoroughly. There are options to automatically schedule the cleaning times even when you are away from home, making household chores even more efficient. 

Wine Rack

For the gays in your life that love to invite guests over for parties, then a wine rack is just the right complement to their space. Choose a version that is able to hold several bottles of regular or oversized bottles and your next gathering of friends is bound to be a rousing success!

Welcome Mat

Come one, come all! The more, the merrier! Buy a precious welcome mat for a dear friend, so that when anyone shows up, they are sure to immediately at ease and at home!


No one loves fashion more than the gays, and this year, give a gift to your favorite people that stands out and makes a statement! 

Rainbow Heart Shirt

Love is in the air and for the gay men in your life, it involves a rainbow! Gift this screen printed Rainbow Heart Shirt that is basic and beautiful, vibrant, and colorful, just like your friend!

JJ Malibu

For the autumn and winter seasons, JJ Malibu’s Fitted Plush Knit Short Shorts are a great option to wear at home and lounge in ultimate comfort as well as style. On a cold night out, wear these comfy shorts and stream away to your heart’s content – alone or with a snuggle buddy. Either way, you’re guaranteed a warm and fuzzy time. 

Leather Wallet

Every man needs a proper wallet that can store all of his necessities and Nomad’s  Leather wallets are available in various colors and designs –  an excellent gift for those men who want to remain on-trend and look fabulous.


Who couldn’t use a hoodie? As one of the essential items that should be in every man’s wardrobe, a great hoodie is the perfect gift for the holidays for a friend that loves a great casual look. Hoodies can be worn comfortably around the house or for a quick run out for errands. Plus, hoodies go with everything and can be worn year-round!

Matador Meggings

For the more stylishly adventurous friends on your list, consider Matador Meggings, a brand offering exciting, bold options for men that prefer a more streamlined approach to their apparel. Their men’s leggings offer the support needed for busy lifestyles, while simultaneously incorporating the latest technology and design to ensure comfort and full support. With so many variations to choose from, say goodbye to VPLs and hello to excellent athleisurewear! 

Save 10% now on your first purchase with code ‘HOMOCULTURE’. Order your Matador Meggings today. Shop Matador Pride Collection Now!


Smart Plugs

Smart plugs can modernize your friend’s home and offer protection against electrical conundrums guys could find themselves in. Plus, they are convenient for turning off the lights if you’re in bed and don’t want to get up. 

Laptop Sleeves

Laptop sleeves keep accessories safe and secure and are an absolute must-have. Get one for your loved ones that keeps their items looking brand new and in top condition. A great, stylish laptop sleeve protects valuables and reduces stress when it comes to valuables. 

Smartphone Case

Smartphones are an investment that needs protection too, and to ensure that your device doesn’t suffer from cracks, a smartphone case is the perfect complement for your loved ones for the holiday season. There are so many options available to express individuality, and an innovative way to add some character to a smartphone. 

Travel Cord Case 

A travel cord case is a no-brainer as it is practical and keeps all the cords you haul around every day in order. Help a friend stay organized and reduce the time he spends sifting through a tangled mess of wires.

Personal Items 

Now that we have firmly established make-up is for all genders, HomoCulture is proud to present our pick for men interested in using make-up to transform their latest look and their lives in the process. NYX Professional Make-up invites everyone to celebrate their singularity and they offer the full lineup of products to help get there. 

Monogrammed Housecoat

Of course, everyone likes to lounge around, but for an added touch, consider gifting a dear friend with a monogrammed housecoat as the perfect holiday gift. Choose from soft cotton, fleece, or silk. No matter the material, the piece de resistance will be the personalization that shows the extra care and attention for such a comfy gift!


The NYX Ultimate Eye Paints take the rainbow and spins it on an axis, boasting progressive colors that work exceptionally well on your entire face. Play up your looks with pride using these pigment-rich mattifying paints that work for a night out on the town or for very special occasions. Smudge-resistant and creamy, NYX provides the glossy looks that everyone craves, complete with precision application to maximize your artistic direction. 

Future Method Grooming Items

At HomoCulture, we are always breaking the latest products for our readers, and what better way to take your sex care to the next level than with Future Method, a sex-positive brand that represents a game-changer in anal engagement. Their products put the ‘hole’ in holistics and combines a scientific approach to stress-free sex. 

Products that are safe and accessible to all is where it’s at and Future Method’s Anal Douche Powder Packs have been designed as an easy-to-use, water-soluble powder format that works with any bulb for a convenient, travel-friendly option that optimizes sexy times. Take these portable packs everywhere and be prepared 100% of the time!

There are no short cuts to a proper bottom preparation regimen, and with Future Method’s Butt and Body Scrub and Soothing Cream, men are able to slough away dead skin cells and prevent oil from building up as well as ingrown hairs. Featuring the right elixir of citrus, clove, and cedar, the result is a radiant butt and body that looks and feels good to you and your partner(s)!

LGBTQ+ Art, Entertainment, and Expression

We are free to express who we are in full, including our sexuality.  Here are some gifts you can give so your friends can show their Pride. 

Todrick Hall’s Algorhythm

What better sonic stocking stuffing could you ask for than Toddrick Hall’s Algorhythm for the holidays? The YouTube sensation brings the 80s all the way back on his most recent studio release and the songs will take you back to one of the best decades for pop music. Tune in and turn up!

Darren Hayes’ Homosexual

Enter a new sonic era with Darren Hayes’ latest release, an in-your-face sonic, force full of acceptance that is a far cry away from his Savage Garden beginnings and a great addition to a friend’s musical catalog. 

Fine Art

Another great gift that brings immense character to a room of a home is art, and what better way to make a statement than with tasteful erotic art? Prints are available on several sites, and once you find the pieces that fit your friend’s persona, it will make an excellent choice and addition as a gift for anyone with style and taste.

Broadway Across America

Broadway Across Canada has an exciting season of Broadway shows at select cities across Canada; Season passes are still available for the remainder of the season, with Fiddler On the Roof, Pretty Woman, Aladdin, Ain’t Too Proud, and Cats rounding up the season. The perfect gift for the theatre lover in your life!

Photo credit: Joan Marcus


Gifts that help us pass the time at home are perfect. These are our top gift ideas for a lazy day at home that will pass the time and keep your spirits up. 

BDSM Start Kit

The BDSM crowd is getting bigger and bigger by the minute and for anyone in your life that is interested in making the leap to that realm, a BDSM starter kit is the perfect gift that will keep them on the giving and receiving end of some future naughty times! Cuffs, whip, collars, clamps, paddle, rope, and a whole bunch more are included in the set – everything one needs for a sexy day, night, or weekend!

Cards Against Humanity

This is a classic card game that is racy and hilarious – they never fail to get a laugh. The premise is simple – see how well you know your friends while discovering their messed-up sense of humor. The game is excellent for people who love to entertain and have many friends.

Insulated Coffee Mugs

During an especially busy morning, there is nothing better than taking a warm sip of coffee to ramp up energy levels. So, if you know a gay guy who loves to drink coffee, an insulated coffee cup is an invaluable gift option. It will help keep their drinks warm and often come with a nice handle and lid to keep their coffee from spilling all over the place.

Stocking Stuffers 

Malt Whiskey

For the mixologist in your life, a great stocking stuffer to consider is premium whiskey, and Kings County Distillery is an LGBTQ+ company producing top-of-the-line whiskeys that have won raves. Scotland may be the birthplace, but Brooklyn is becoming a new face of great bourbons. Try their Single Malt Whiskey, aged to perfection and guaranteed to win over connoisseurs. 


Show your support and appreciation for a dear friend with a customized keychain that can include any photos or slogans that speak to your sacred relationship. Turn this into a gift idea that is as unique as your connection!


Rare is the person that doesn’t love chocolate, and for the holidays, gift someone you love with a decadent assortment of chocolates that will leave the spirit of Christmas all around them and bring joy to their tastebuds!

Stoli Gold

This is our favorite stocking stuffer, and it is great for a wintertime drink. You can mix it into anything, and as many of you already we know, there are tons of recipes for you to try out!

Pride Anklet

Your accessory-loving gay friend will love a cute anklet to complement their personal style. A small anklet made from sustainable material is not just cool and on-trend but adds a definitive vibe to a guy’s look. 

Novelty Socks

Socks are one area where men can let their imagination run wild! With so many options available, you can find the perfect pair to commemorate your friendship with a friend. Go for crazy colors, the rainbow flag, or phrases that aligned with a friend’s personality. 

What do you think is the best gift idea?

What gifts do you think are the best in our guide? Did we miss any must-have items for the 2022 holidays? We would love to hear your thoughts and comments. Let HomoCulture know what you think in the comments below to help others find the ultimate gifts for gay men this holiday season.


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