How Gay People Celebrate Christmas Differently Than Heterosexuals

Learn how LGBTQ+ families’ Christmas celebration differs from heterosexual families.

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This article was published on December 13th, 2022

While Christmas celebrations bring a sheer amount of happiness for heterosexual people, the LGBTQ+ community may feel alone and depressed during this time of the year. It might be a privilege for heterosexual people to be surrounded by their families and friends when the December festivities begin, but there are many queer and trans people who do not have the privilege. 

Does it mean only heterosexual families can have the most fun during the holiday season? Absolutely not! LGBTQ+ families can also bring a lot of magic, warmth, and a sense of something sacred to Christmas celebrations. Scroll down to learn how LGBTQ+ families’ Christmas celebration differs from heterosexual families! 

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How Can Holidays Be Challenging for LGBTQ Families?

LGBTQ+ families celebrate the holiday season quite differently than heterosexual families. The reason could be the added hardships and complex family dynamics. The holiday season triggers emotions and memories of LGBTQ+ individuals, making it a stressful and painful time for them.

Not every queer and trans individual gets family support after coming out. Therefore, the holiday season makes LGBTQ+ individuals miss their families who have canceled them. Also, for young kids who have not identified their gender yet, Christmas time can be quite confusing as they are unable to decide whether they want a pink or blue toy. 

How Are Christmas Celebrations Different Than What’s Shown in Pop Culture?

What are Christmas commercials like? A typical picture of the holiday season shown is two heterosexual parents and their two kids having a joyful Christmas morning, opening gifts, and then having a Christmas dinner together.  Although it is not even the reality for most people, this picture of the holiday season is embedded into people’s minds. 

Why Should Christmas Advertising Be More Inclusive of LGBTQ Community?

Christmas means sharing happiness with everyone regardless of caste, color, creed, or gender. Therefore, new ways should be introduced to honor traditions while acknowledging diversity. Doing so can make the holiday season special for LGBTQ+ families. However, nothing can be possible without the help of the media. Media plays an important role in influencing people’s minds. Therefore, the holiday pop culture and media should also have LGBTQ+ representation to make them feel a part of the holiday season too. 

What Should Lonely LGBTQ+ Individuals Do on Christmas?

If, after coming out, your family and friends have canceled you, it does not mean you should isolate yourself at this time of year. Many LGBTQ+ organizations host special Christmas gatherings to help lonely queer, and trans individuals feel better and welcome the new year with joy. Everyone should spend Christmas in a friendly and welcoming environment, no matter what gender they belong to.

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