The Advice you Need To Hear To Stay Safe During Your Holiday Hookups

Prioritize your safety during your holiday hookups this year.

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This article was published on December 15th, 2022

We know this Christmas you want more than your stocking stuffed. The truth is there are thousands of people you could be hooking up with every day. The Santa you see at the mall, the guy outside the store asking for money for charity, even the boy bagging your groceries at the store. 

With so many choices and not knowing your potential hookups, there are a few things you need to know to stay safe this holiday season when stuffing muffins or being stuffed. 

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1. Make sure you use a condom

When hooking up with someone, especially someone who is uber hot, you may be tempted to think with your penis. Bareback sex feels thousands of times better, but do you really want a life changing disease for Christmas?

If you’re looking online for a hookup, you’ll see people saying they’re on prep or undetectable. Undetectable means that they have HIV but the viral load is suppresses making it impossible for them to pass the disease onto you. And if someone is on prep it means they virtually have no chance of catching HIV even if you are infected. But before you have bareback sex just consider this. 

Prep doesn’t protect you from chlamydia, gonorrhea, HPV, and other infectious diseases you could get from hooking up with someone. Do you want to know you were responsible for infecting someone with a disease that’ll cause them pain or change their life?

2. Tell friends who you’re hooking up with and let them know where you are

When hooking up with people you may be tempted to keep it a secret, so your friends won’t think you’re a hoe. But you should always let people know where you’re going and who you will be with. In the 70s ,80s and 90s Jeffrey Dahmer lured gay boys to his home and murdered them. 

He committed 17 murders between 1978 and 1991. Often the boys who went home with him didn’t tell anyone where they were going. It made it easier for him to commit these crimes. 

And before that there was John Wayne Gacey who tortured and murdered 33 people. All these guys had an interest in Gacey and made the mistake of going to his home without letting anyone know where they were or who they were with. 

It’s unlikely that anything like this will happen to you and you shouldn’t let this put a damper on your hookup fun. Just put safety first and let people know where you’re going and who you’ll be with. Make sure you have shared your location on your phone.

Here you can learn how to share your location on Android. 

Here you can learn how to share your location on iPhone.

These small steps can see you safe when meeting people you don’t know. You never know what could happen so always be safe rather than sorry. 

3. Get on a video call before meeting

Pictures lie. We’ve all been on Grindr and asked for a pic and loved what we’ve seen. But when we meet the guy, they look different or the person you’re meeting could be someone completely different. 

To make sure this doesn’t put you in an uncomfortable situation, make sure you jump on a video call with the person you’ll be hooking up with. If they are reluctant to get on video something could be fishy, and you should avoid the meeting. 

Nobody wants to be catfished and you are meeting someone for what will hopefully be some good dick. 

4. Trust your gut instinct

When you’re meeting someone trust your instincts. Your initial feeling about a meeting will often be true. If something feels not right, chances are it’s probably not right. Don’t let a 9 inch, perfectly curved dick, beautiful abs or a perfect smile and hair impair your judgement. It’s easy to get caught up on looks and physical assets but don’t let these override your gut intuition that something feels wrong. 

5. Have fun!

Until now we’ve only covered what could happen and how you can protect yourself when meeting new people for fun this holiday season. 

But don’t forget the most important part of hooking up. Have fun, get stuffed until you can’t walk, and don’t let anyone tell you you’re wrong for doing it. 

Try out the sleigh ride position where you lay down and your bottom rides you like a sleigh while you’re inside of him. Or, if you’re the bottom enjoy riding the sleigh!

Which of these tips resonates most with you and why? Which will you be using this Christmas season to stay safe? Let us know in the comments below. 

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