10 New Year Resolutions for Gay Men in 2023

Make 2023 more meaningful and make a plan for a great year ahead with these 10 new year resolutions.

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This article was published on December 26th, 2022

Was 2022 not so great for you? Well, in that case, 2023 has all the makings to be the best! Most gay men have lived ‘double lives’ for decades. However, once you have come out in public, you have the chance to make every year of your gay life count. Therefore, why not start a New Year with a promise or resolution that will guarantee a better and more meaningful 2023? 

However, don’t just roll your eyes at the idea of making yet another New Year resolution that you can’t keep. Instead, choose a New Year resolution that is easier to keep and helps you lead a happy life. Not sure which one is that? HomoCulture presents 10 New Year resolutions for gay men: 

1. Volunteer for LGBTQ+ Non-Profit Organizations 

A meaningful way to start your new year is by volunteering in one of the many LGBTQ+ non-profit organizations in your area that address issues queer and trans communities face – from mental health, unemployment, and homelessness. Volunteering in these organizations can help make a difference in addressing inequality and building a more accepting world. 

2. Educate Yourself More About Trans Rights 

While many queer and trans people are aware of trans rights, there are still many who are unfamiliar with them. Are you one of them? Do you know about your human rights as well as civil rights? If not, this year, take out some time to know your rights!

3. Use Pronouns 

Pronouns refer to a person’s gender. For queer and trans people, these pronouns may not fit and cause stress and anxiety. According to a recent study, using correct pronouns in the LGBTQ+ community reduces depression and suicidal thoughts. 

Let’s start 2023 by not only stating your pronouns clearly but also asking and using other people’s pronouns correctly.

4. Participate in Awareness Days 

What would be a better New Year’s resolution than showing up on every LGBTQ+ awareness day? Make an effort to show up and actively participate, no matter how tired or busy you are. 

5. Get Tested for HIV

The number of new HIV infections among gay and homosexual men has increased significantly. According to various reports, many gay men have HIV but don’t know they are infected until it is too late. Therefore, the best way to kick-start 2023 would be to get yourself tested.

6. Take PrEP (if negative)

If your HIV test comes out negative, you still need to take PrEP to prevent HIV from ruining your 2023 and many years. 

7. Shed Bad Habits 

Create a better version of yourself in 2023 by kicking off all old bad habits such as drugs, alcohol addiction, sex addiction, and much more. Instead, indulge in healthy addictions. 

8. Seek Help for Mental Health 

It is a harsh reality of life that queer and trans people have serious mental and behavioral health issues that need to be diagnosed. Therefore, in 2023, let’s just not ignore your mental health. Instead, seek professional help immediately when you experience persistent anxiety issues. 

9. Stop Seeking Sponsorship 

When times are tough, there is nothing wrong with getting financial help from friends and family. However, stop looking for a partner that you can financially depend on. Instead, become self-sufficient in 2023. 

10. Say Goodbye to Drama 

This New Year, let’s just make a promise to eliminate nasty rumors, get over friendship breakups and not take part in petty arguments that may bring spice to your life for a few moments but make you emotionally drained in the future. 

Do you have any other resolutions to share with the HomoCulture community? If so, let us know in the comments section below!

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