Stick to These 7 Dating Resolutions in 2023

Dating plagues many gays, theys and straights, but these seven dating resolutions can help you find the right person for the long term.

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This article was published on December 28th, 2022

It’s that time of the year again. In the New Year, we all make all sorts of resolutions—we’re going to hit the gym every day, we’re going to eat better, we’re going to go for that promotion…But how many of these resolutions do you stick to pass the first few weeks? If the area where you struggle the most is dating, which is something that plagues many gays, theys and straights today, here are seven dating resolutions to consider sticking to in 2023, to help you find the right person for the long term.

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1. Practice being single

The upcoming year has a lot of potential to be the most chaotic one so far, so if you don’t feel like you have the capacity to handle gay or straight dating, that’s totally okay. Having a partner is great, but being single can be just as fulfilling. Just because you’re a solo rider right now, it doesn’t mean you’re failing in life. You can gain a lot of experience from being single, so unless you’re 100% certain you’re ready to date, learn how to be single in 2023 so you can be the best partner in the world later on. 

2. Reach out to people you’re interested in 

How long do you wait until you text someone? How long do you wait to open a text and respond? This is some very childish behavior and it needs to stay in 2022. If you’re both playing games and acting cool and chill, your relationship will never work. Instead, if you feel the urge to reach out, do it. 

3. No more ghosting or zombieing 

Have you ever been ghosted? Ghosting is a very childish habit of completely ignoring the person you’ve been chatting with or seeing. Zombieing is a newer term that describes when someone “comes back from the ghost phase” and wants to catch up after ghosting you. In 2023, we will not do any of these and be mature. It might be uncomfortable to have a talk about why things won’t work out between you, but it’s so much better to clear the air instead of leaving people guessing. 

4. Be honest

What are you looking for when dating? A casual “friendship” or a serious, committed relationship? No matter what it is, make sure to be honest with yourself and the other person. This will minimize the possibility of anyone getting hurt. 

5. Give up when you’re not happy

In 2023, boost your self-respect and give up on a relationship if it’s not making you happy. There’s no shame in breaking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend or leaving a confusing thruple. Maybe you’re not treated well, or maybe you’ve fallen out of love. While it’s worth fighting for a good thing, it’s also healthy to let go. 

6. Be more open-minded

Are you waiting for a fairytale meeting in a bookstore? Or are you waiting for your prince charming who ticks all of your boxes? If you never give anything or anyone new a chance, how will you know the person? Don’t judge a book by its covers and be open-minded to new experiences. In 2023, try that sugar dating app you’ve always been curious about. You’d be surprised to know how many people use it successfully, maintain amazing relationships through sugar dating and end up very happy with their choices! 

6. Know how to say no

The past few years allowed us to make great strides toward women’s empowerment. It hasn’t been easy for women and feminine-presenting people to stand up for themselves, but it’s time to practice saying that “no”. Try to be respectful when saying no when dating and you’ll stay true to your principles and your actual wants and needs.

Dating in 2023 won’t be any easier, but if you set some healthy resolutions and stick to them, you will boost your chances of being happy either alone or with someone special. 

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