Kiiroo Adult Toys Are Made for LGBTQ People Anywhere On The Kinsey Scale

Kiiroo gets it - sexuality is fluid, so they made a line-up of adult toys designed for you.

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This article was published on January 2nd, 2023

If you’re in the market for a new toy to tingle all your senses and make your body quiver, you’ve probably noticed they can be expensive. And adult toy options cater to one sexual preference or another. 

Spending hours looking for the perfect toy online without stumbling upon the perfect fit for your body wastes your time and kills the vibe. 

And when you do stumble upon the perfect toy…

A tight bubble butt or luscious pair of lips concealed in a convenient plastic tube so only you know its true purpose.

The fear of placing an order creeps into your mind because you know it’s going to arrive in an oversized box that screams “sex toy”!

And forget about advanced functionality to heighten your experience. You can already imagine buying a toy with Bluetooth is going to cost your entire months wages.

Or at least it used to. 

With Kiiro, you could just find the perfect toy to satisfy your cravings of the boys or girls you want in your sex life. 

You could do it on a dime and not spend your time browsing the internet for hours. Here’s their impressive lineup. 

Yes, you can get them with Bluetooth and other wireless functions to elevate your sexual alone time and show yourself some true love. 

Keon – because imagination is dead!

Gone are the days when you have to hold your phone in one hand and penis in the other. The Keon gives you the freedom to think with your penis while you relax your body and free your mind. 

With up to 230 strokes per minute, you can customize your pleasure to be as fast or slow as you’d like. 

It’ll guarantee you sensations you’ve never had before. 

The easy-to-use buttons mean you can avoid that horrid sensation of oversensitivity once your reach climax. 

Cleanup is a breeze, and you can couple your new toy with FeelMe AI, a subscription-based service with an extensive library of interactive content that connects for a complete cyber-sex session with Keon. 

Prefer something internal? Keon’s got you covered.

Keon is not only a toy for you to penetrate to enjoy. It has a Vac-U-Lock dildo for internal pleasure. You can use this 7.5-inch long, nearly 2-inch round toy on its own or with the Keon fuck machine adapter. 

Vac-U-Lock makes this toy compatible with other toys you may already have, and the add-on makes it a cut above the rest. You can be pounded fast or take it slow when connected to the Keon base because it can produce up to 230 strokes. 

Your g-spot is going to thank you for this one. 

Different strokes for different folks

Kiiro gets it. Sometimes you feel gay, sometimes you feel bi. The Kinsey scale is totally real. And you could move from one end of it to the other. 

Kiiro has made strokers for you no matter your preference. You can try the feel Britney and see her luscious lips spread as your pound her into tomorrow. And don’t worry, you will squirt long before she does. The internal sleeve is made of high-quality plastic covered in over 50 ribs that will grab your dick and tighten around it as you trust in and out. 

And if you want a tight non-binary hole that’ll take your dick for a whirl, you need to try the Feel Stroker Butt. The skin-like material and internal design makes it “feel just like the real thing.”

At least, that’s what Alain G said.

And Justin agrees, “it feels exactly like the real thing.” 

Clean-up will take just a few minutes with warm soap and water. Leave it to air dry and repeat nightly for a much happier sex life. 

Forget the stroking, do it hands-free

The Kiiroo table clamp holds your new toys tightly in place. The screw clamp ensures that no matter how rough you like it, your toy will stay in place. You can attach the dildo, strokers and even Keon as you stand with your hands behind your hand and feel like your deep inside your lover. 

Strap her or him in the clamp and enjoy your perfect partner who’s never going to ask you to stop. 

Who will never say no. 

Whose only purpose is to fulfill your every desire. 

Order your Kiiro adult toys now 

Use the links below to order your Kiiro adult toys now: 

Kiiro is becoming the affordable adult toy brand catering to all members of the LGBTQ+ community, regardless of where they fall on the Kinsey scale. 

When you have your Kiiro products, subscribe to FeelMe AI and get the full sex-tech experience. 

Let us know in the comments below which one will you give a go.

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