New Notable and Upcoming LGBTQ Films

Here are some notable LGBTQ films coming up that will make for great discussion at the brunch table. 

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This article was published on January 31st, 2023

In 2022, we saw a fantastic selection of LGBTQ+ films released, and 2023 is gearing up to be no different. This spring, a wonderful selection of films are set for release! Whether you’re looking for a drama that hits home, or something a little more heartwarming, here are some notable films coming up that can make for a great discussion at the next brunch table. 

Petit Mal

This sapphic drama gives us a look into the intricacies and sometimes uncertainties of polyamorous relationships. Written and directed by Ruth Caudeli, many of her own life experiences are reflected in this film, making it a semi-autobiographical work of fiction. Centered around an all-female throuple, the balance is thrown when Lai (played by Ruth Caudeli ) leaves for a work trip and Anto (Ana Maria Otalora) and Marti (Silvia Varon) are left to their own devices. 

Opens in theaters January 27, 2023
On digital January 31, 2023

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Of An Age 

Released in Australia in 2022, This coming-of-age drama is coming to the Americas this February. Taking place in 1999, a young ballroom dancer named Kol (played by Elias Anton) meets the older brother of his dance partner, a tall and handsome man named Adam (played by Thom Green). From there, Kol is thrown into a 24-hour romance as he discovers more about himself and his sexuality. 

Elias Anton has starred in Sunflower, another LGBT coming-of-age film about a young man discovering his sexuality and who he is as a person.  Thom Green is a professional dancer himself and has appeared in several dance-related TV shows and films. 

Photo credit: Thuy Vy / © Of An Age Films Pty Ltd

Opens in theaters February 17, 2023 

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Lonesome is another Australian drama, and it is a story that unfortunately is all too familiar to the LGBTQ+ community. It centers around a young man named Casey (played by Josh Lavery), who grew up in rural Australia on his family’s ranch. Unfortunately, things turn for the worse when he is outed as gay to his father and subsequently forced to leave home. He finds himself in Sydney, where an older gay man named Pietro (Ian Roberts) offers him work as a houseboy and gives him a place to stay. During this time, he meets a young man named Tib, with who he has a complicated and intense hook-up/situationship.  

Lonesome played at fifty festivals worldwide, including Frameline, NewFest, Seattle IFF, and Provincetown.

Josh Lavery has previously starred in Bender, another LGBT film centered on the Australian Marriage Equality Act.

Photo credit: Dean Francis

Opens in theaters Feb 17, 2023
On digital March 7, 2023

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The First Fallen 

The First Fallen is a Brazilian drama taking place in the early 1980’s and centers around the beginning of the AIDS crisis in Brazil. It follows a biologist named Suzano (Johnny Massaro) who starts to notice a negative change in his body that he does not understand. He reaches out to a transwoman named Rose, and a man named Humberto, who are just as ill. This film is a strong depiction of not only the silent threat that the AIDS crisis was at the beginning, but the resilience of the LGBT community. Found family in a time of crisis has long been a staple within the community, and this film is an accurate and heart wrenching example of just that. 

Opens in theaters Feb 10, 2023
On digital Feb 21, 2023

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The Way Out

Written and directed by LGBT filmmaker Barry Jay, The Way Out is a powerful film that focuses on the ripple effect of abuse and the repercussions that follow, with the message that there is, in fact, a way out. A young man named Alex (played by Penny Dreadful’s Johnny Beauchamp) is faced with the loss of his abusive father. He meets his new roommate, Shane (played by Mike Manning), who has a dark and dangerous background. This thriller takes us on a dark and honest journey through loss, abuse, and the consequences of abuse on its victims.

On digital February 10, 2023

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Nana’s Boys 

Nana’s Boys is a dramatic look into the lives of an African American gay male couple with a seemingly stable relationship. However, after being forced into lockdown following an explosion in their neighborhood, their proximity to each other challenges the strengths of their relationship, causing them to reevaluate everything. This film won Best Narrative Feature at the Black Alphabet Film Festival as well as the Baltimore International Black Film Festival.

David J Cook plays Amari, and Jared Wayne Gladly plays Q Nichols. 

On digital February 7, 2023
On DVD February 23, 2023

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What are you watching

What LGBTQ films are you looking forward to watching this spring? Tell us in the comments section below.


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