7 Spring 2023 Fashion Essentials for Gay Men

Here are some up-and-coming spring trends for gay men and non-binary people to watch out for.

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This article was published on March 7th, 2023

Spring has officially sprung, meaning it’s time to deep clean our apartments and our closets! Here are some up-and-coming spring trends for gay men and non-binary people to watch out for. Go ahead and treat yourself and your closet to a seasonal refresh by incorporating bright colors, denim, and other Y2k-influenced aesthetics into your wardrobe.

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1. Crop tops

According to French Vogue, “This season more than ever, men are encouraged to be more uninhibited than ever through formidable pieces like jockstraps, micro-skirts, and crop tops.” When shopping for the perfect crop top, consider companies that excel at making wardrobe staple pieces like Asos. You want a crop top to hit your mid-riff but still allow you to move around without feeling like you’re about to flash someone unless that’s your vibe.

2. Denim-on-Denim

This Spring, the versatility of denim is being reevaluated beyond the usual context of a classic pair of Levi’s. Calling to mind the down-to-earth American-infused aesthetics of Bruce Springsteen, designers like Fendi and Prada are incorporating denim shirts into their Spring/Summer collections. Denim tops are durable, and much like their pants contemporaries, they hold their color well.

3. Y2K aesthetics

Ahhh yes, the early ‘2000s, the halcyon days before the dot com boom before TikTok reigned supreme and trend cycles lasted months rather than weeks. This Spring, designers like Givenchy and JW Anderson are taking a nostalgia-infused cue from Justin Timberlake to bring sexy back with bold colors, pastel hues, and iridescent materials that would look right at home in a Britney Spears music video. Whether you’ve always wanted to rock a baby tee, or you still have a VonDutch hat in the back of your closet, now’s your time to shine.

4. Skaterboi aesthetics.

So much for see you later boy, now’s the time to layer a T-shirt over a henley and break out your favorite comfy hoodie. If you’re wondering where to start in your pursuit of the perfect, cozy, hoodie to ease the transition from winter to Spring, check out Uniqlo. If you want to relive your own amateur Tony Hawk pro-skater days, you can also throw it back to Zumiez or Volcom. Note: if you really want to relive your skateboarding glory days, please invest in kneepads this time around.

5. Cargo Pants

With cargo pants, not only will you be looking sk8rboi chic, you’ll never want for a pocket! Store your phone, keys, wallet, and other essentials in these earth-toned street-wear-inspired pants that are sure to become a wardrobe staple. Check out KidSuper’s bold, colorful take on the utilitarian classic.

6. Track Pants

Seamlessly transition from winter to spring with a pair of comfy, lightweight joggers. Some track pants, like these Nike Dri-Fit track pants also have moisture-wicking material for those of us who actually go running in track pants. But if you’re feeling more like you’d rather partake in athliesure for the leisure part, these track pants also feature a comfortable elastic waistband.

7. Trench Coats

This Spring, serve up some water-resistant detective John Munch realness with a trench coat. Trench coats are lightweight and wind and water resistant. According to GQ, “Traditionally, men’s trench coats were double-breasted raincoats that extended past the waist. They had shoulder pads on the front side, designed for comfort when shooting, such is the nature of war, and incorporated a waist belt, too.” If you’re looking for a durable, designer trench coat that will withstand the test of time and impress fellow fashion aficionados, you can’t go wrong with Burberry’s classic trench coat.

Go forth and enjoy Spring with a refreshed wardrobe, let us know if you incorporate any of these Spring style trends into your wardrobe in the comments below.

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