4 Fun New Adult Games You Need Right Now to Help Get Through The COVID-19 Global Health Pandemic [CONTEST]

New, fun, and thrilling games to pass the evenings stuck at home during the global pandemic.

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This article was published on November 10th, 2020

Board games hold a special place in most homes, among families, and friends. They offer a better alternative to our unhealthy addiction to television. Indeed, they provide better mental stimulation and help us connect and share quality time with family and loved ones.

If you ever played Monopoly, one of the best games about money, then you know just how engaging it can get. Emotions run high. You also realize just how crazy life can be and how in many ways to manage your money better.

Games are especially relevant now because of the pandemic. As more places re-introduce strict lockdowns because of a surge in COVID19 cases, more people find refuge in board games. And as the holidays draw even nearer, games can make the perfect gift for loved ones. Here are some great new games to add to your collection.

Escape from Iron Gate 

Imagine being wrongfully accused of a crime and unceremoniously thrown into jail because no one’s buying your story and alibis. The only way out is a good old prison break. (There’s a tv show by that name btw. Michael (Wentworth Miller) was such a snack most of us had his posters on our bedroom walls, probably did the dirty too thinking about him. And that was way before he even came out. Awesome times!). Back to the game.

You secure your freedom on the Escape from Iron Gate Board Game moving through four areas on the board, earning items on the way by completing puzzles, drawing, acting, and trading. Up to 8 players can participate, and the first to crash through the Final Iron Gate wins. Sweet freedom.

OK Boomer – The Old School vs. New School Trivia Game 

How well do you know your generation’s popular culture? The OK Boomer – The Old School vs. New School Trivia Gamewill test your knowledge. It pits the old school generation versus the new school. But, if you’re all in the same generation, then it’s everybody for himself and the good Lawd for us all.

The game accommodates 2-8 players and includes 220 cards with four types of questions so you can keep playing. From slang words to cartoon characters and music, the game will have you scratching your brain. No Googling – that would amount to cheating. May the most woke team win!

Unsolved Case Files: Case 1 Harmony Ashcroft 

A murder, a small town, a local vagrant, and a beautiful lady – the ingredients of the Unsolved Case Files 1: Harmony Ashcroft game. Who killed Harmony Ashcroft?

Where are all the Law and Order fans at? Your expertise could come in handy here. Your mission, should you accept it, is to turn on your detective cap, look at the evidence, obsess over the clues, and find the goddamn murderer.

Quick backstory: On a day in May 1998, the folksy people of Riverdale, a small town in Indiana, woke up to the news of the horrific murder of one of its most beloved citizens – Harmony Ashcroft, the night before her wedding. A mysterious someone murdered her behind a restaurant during her wedding rehearsal dinner.

Your job is to review the evidence and prove that Bones McBride, a local vagrant, was wrongfully accused and framed. Poor bloke has spent two decades behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit. So who was the real murderer?

One or more players can play the game. Find clues in the evidence provided and nail that (insert expletives here). Happy hunting!

Rummikub Premium Edition 

Numbers – the stuff we use every day without even realizing it. Checked the time? Numbers. Followed the nail-biting U.S. election and the wobbly path to 270? More numbers. You get to put your number’s game to practical use playing the Rummikub Premium Edition Original Rummy Tile Game.

Rummikub i a tile-based game that combines the elements of the card game rummy and mahjong. You get 14-16 tiles at the start and take turns placing them on the board sets (groups or runs) of at least three. Whoever uses all their tiles first gets a score while the losers get negative scores. The game can accommodate 2-4 players.


HomoCulture readers, fans, and followers can enter for a chance to win a complete games package from Goliath Games, including Escape from Iron Gate, OK Boomer, Unsolved Case Files, and Rummikub Premium Edition.

To enter this contest, leave a comment below with your favourite games night snacks.

Contest closes at 5:00pm PST, Friday, November 20, 2020. One random drawn winner will be notified on or before Monday, November 23, 2020. Read the complete contest rules.

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