Skintastic summer lovin’: 5 summer skincare tips

Summer is here, queers, and there is no better time to shower your most important asset with a little TLC. Our largest organ needs constant love and attention to stay […]

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This article was published on June 10th, 2017

Summer is here, queers, and there is no better time to shower your most important asset with a little TLC. Our largest organ needs constant love and attention to stay in shape and performing at its peak. Skin is our outer layer and a definitive indication of our health. The summer sun can be harsh on your skin, which means you need to take extra precautionary measures to keep it healthy. Here are five fantastic summer skincare tips to treat your skin right throughout the  summer.

Use sunscreen. The single most important items to add to your regiment is face-moisturizing sunscreen and sunblock for the body higher than 30 SPF. Most dermatologists will tell you they prefer you to use SPF 45-60. Sun is the best part about summer but is the skin’s worst enemy. No single greater factor contributes to aging, dried skin as the sun. Reapply often, not just “as needed”.

Use moisturizer. The sun heats our skin cells and literally deprives them of hydration. Moisturizer is essential for replenishing our skin’s natural oils and rehydrating our skin. Aloe and water-based moisturizers are the best. But most lotions and creams will suffice. Keeping your skin constantly hydrated will help repair damaged cells.

Drink plenty of water. 70% of our entire body mass is water, and water is a major ingredient in maintaining healthy skin. Drinking plenty of water each day can lead to smoother, better hydrated skin cells. Skin cells need water to rejuvenate themselves and hydration slows the aging process. Drink plenty of H20 and consider getting a body of mister spray for those extra dry days.

Clean your face every day with a good skin cleanser. Finding a good cleanser can make all the difference in maintaining great skincare. A good cleanser helps remove dead skin cells, revealing newer, healthy skin cells. An alcohol-based cleanser acts like an astringent, clearing dead skin cells with ease. A cleanser, when used with the correct face-washing techniques, will help clear pores and remove excess damaging pollutants from the skin.

Repair and treat your skin. Sun exposure is never good for our skin. It is always important to treat anytime spent outdoors and underneath mister sunshine as potentially damaging to our skin cells. Taking a cold shower, then moisturize, followed by drinking a good amount of water after sun exposure can help repair any sun exposure damage to your skin.

Summer skincare is important. Proper skincare isn’t as hard or tedious as you might think. Just keeping in mind every day that your skin needs protection, hydration, cleansing, moisturizing, and repair is a great start to healthier, younger looking skin. Remember: It’s never too late to start caring for your skin.

5 summer skincare tips


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