5 Tips For Meeting New LGBTQ+ Friends When Traveling

Use these 5 tips to help find and make new LGBTQ+ friends while traveling.

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This article was published on March 13th, 2023

If you’re a member of the LGBTQ+ community and traveling solo, don’t let the fear of being alone hold you back from exploring new destinations and meeting new people! There are so many fabulous places to see and visit! Not everyone wants to travel alone, so what should you do if you don’t have a travel buddy? Maybe you’re looking to make friends in a new area? This can be especially helpful if you’re going into an area you’re not familiar with and you want someone who can show you around, and tell you where you should go, and where you shouldn’t. If you’re wondering how to make new LGBTQ+ friends while traveling, here are 5 tips and advice to keep in mind.

1. Do Your Research

Before you travel, research the LGBT community in the area you will be visiting. This can include finding LGBT-friendly bars, restaurants, and clubs, as well as events or festivals that are specific to the LGBT community. Doing your research ahead of time can give you a better idea of where to go to meet other LGBT people and make you feel more confident and comfortable when you arrive.

2. Use LGBT Friendly Social Media

Thanks to the rise of social networking apps like Scruff and HER, as well as Facebook groups and MeetUp, it’s easier than ever to connect with other LGBT people while traveling. These apps allow you to search for people in the area, chat with them, and potentially make plans to meet up in person. Just be sure to exercise caution when using these apps and always meet in a well-lit, public place. 

Summer gaycation fun in San Francisco

3. Attend LGBT Events

Attending LGBT-friendly events is a great way to meet new people and make friends. Look for events like Pride parades, drag shows, or LGBT film festivals in the area you’ll be visiting. These events provide a welcoming and inclusive environment where you can feel comfortable being yourself and meeting new people. If you want to find other queer people that enjoy the same niche as you, whether it’s movies, gaming, food, or fashion, planning your trip around events like these will make it easier to connect with people you have something in common with. 

4. Research the local LGBT community

A lot of major cities have neighborhoods that are LGBTQ+ focused, and are known for their LGBT venues, shops, cafes, and more! It’s easy to find in cities like San Francisco, Miami, Phoenix, West Hollywood, and even Seattle has a growing community! Depending on where you’re going, you may be able to find an area that will have plenty to offer, making it easier to find new people to meet and mingle with!

5. Join LGBT-focused tours!

There are plenty of wonderful travel companies out there whose sole purpose is to take you on a guided tour of your destination. This can ensure you will see everything worth seeing! The tour guides will often provide interesting facts and information about the area, and this will allow you to tour in a group, which not only provides an added layer of safety but will also give you a chance to meet new people!

Traveling can be fun, but there’s more to do than go to brunches and club nights. (Shocking, I know!) Be sure to read our Tips for Travel Safety so that you can be best prepared for your trip. If you’re able to make some friends in the area, not only will you get a more personal and insightful view of the city, but you’ll be able to create connections that could last a lifetime!


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