7 creative ways to celebrate milestones in the age of social distancing

Life milestones deserve celebration. Here’s how to celebrate those special moments while remaining safe.

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This article was published on July 14th, 2020

Life feels different. Many aspects have changed, disappeared, or paused. The COVID-19 pandemic has not only changed our lives but also how we celebrate important milestones. With social distancing, quarantine, and stay-at-home orders, what was a breezy affair has become a dicey logistical nightmare at best avoided.

Yet, milestones deserve celebration. That birthday, graduation, new job, wedding, dating anniversary is a big step. Finding creative ways to celebrate, even at home, helps you make sense of the chaos.

Below are some creative ways to celebrate those special moments while observing social distancing rules.

Host a bake-off

Cake – the quintessential symbol of milestone celebration. (Not that cake 😉 ) What better way to observe a special milestone than bake a cake at home, or even invite a few friends for a bake-off. You can also do it virtually and challenge each other with funky cake recipes.

Celebrating with friends by doing something fun and engaging brings you together, helps everyone better deal with staying at home, and strengthens your bond. It’s also a great way to celebrate milestones while remaining safe.

holiday baking ideas - figgy pudding

Virtual drink up

With more people drinking at home because entertainment joints remain closed, why not turn your milestone celebration into a fun virtual drink up?

Get a few friends together over Zoom, each with their signature drinks, and schmooze the night away as you reminisce about the good times. You can check out summer cocktails here if you need some inspiration.

Drive through parade

You’ve probably seen drive-thru parade videos on the internet recently. Family and friends drive near a loved one’s house (or any other agreed place), delivering gifts and goodwill messages.

Why not try that out as well? It’s not only fun but also a unique way to celebrate milestones. Organize a few friends and family to surprise a loved one celebrating a milestone. It’s a touching gesture, and the physical presence serves as a reminder of the strong community bond and support.

Photo credit: Ken Kellar/ Fort Frances Times

DIY projects

Use the extra time at home to create art or other creative DIY projects that celebrate special milestones. For example, you can create birthday banners for you or a loved one, make a DIY gift such as a flower vase. You can also put together an album or other memorabilia that marks the special moment as a gift to yourself or for a loved one.

Do something uniquely you, a project that captures your imagination and helps you memorialize the special milestone. If it’s an anniversary, create something for your partner, or come up with a joint project that brings you closer.

Backyard barbecue

A small backyard barbecue is a terrific way to celebrate milestones while still observing social distancing. There’s more space outside to social distance and ample fresh air. As such, you can hold a small gathering with a few friends and family.

Bring out the yard chairs, get the barbecue going, and make the milestone feel special. It’s one you’ll remember for a long time.

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Game nights (or days)

A game night is another unusual way to celebrate milestones at home. It doesn’t sound like a celebration at first, but hey, you’re stuck at home. Give it a shot.

Gaming brings people together in a fun and inclusive way. You can hold the games virtually, or with just a few friends at home while observing the health guidelines. Some of the games to try include board games, online group video games, card games, etc.

Dress up and slay

When was the last time you dressed up? Most of your gorgeous outfits are probably gathering mold in the closet. It’s time they came out.

Part of celebrating milestones is doing something different or unique for yourself or another. What better way to celebrate than to slay in a special outfit? Walk around your neighborhood, dance in it at home, join up with few friends, or catwalk virtually with close friends.

Regardless of what’s happening in the world, you can still dress up and slay.

Celebrate milestones whenever you can. They might seem trivial at times, but they serve as landmarks in your memories and life story. When you look back, you’ll definitely remember that “pandemic birthday” you wore a pink outfit, baked a bomb-ass cake, Zoom-drunk with friends, and painted a masterpiece (or not…baby steps.)

Happy celebration.

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