7 romantic ideas to show your love this Valentine’s Day

How to show your unyielding love safely in the age of COVID-19.

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This article was published on February 11th, 2021

Roses are red, violets are blue, and Valentine’s here, albeit celebrated differently because of COVID-19. If you coasted in past years demonstrating your love to your special someone, no such luck this year. You either get on with the plan, or you don’t.

In many ways, this is a special Valentine’s Day. While past celebrations have come with pomp, colour, and the ubiquitous display of love, 2021 celebrations need to be adjusted because of restrictions due to COVID-19.

Fortunately, you still can express your love this Valentine’s. If you can’t do it in a grand gesture, embrace the smaller ones. Ancient wisdom tells us that it’s the little things that matter in the end.

Here are seven romantic ideas to show your love this Valentine’s Day.

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Breakfast in bed

The smell of freshly made waffles, eggs, bacon and coffee. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to that on Valentine’s morning?

Surprise your partner with a specially made breakfast this Valentine’s. Get creative and make it unique. For example, write down at least ten reasons why you love him and can’t get enough of him and present the note along with the breakfast.

You can also carve out little hearts from fruits or inscribe fruits with “I Love You” to make your love date more romantic.

The indoor picnic

picnic is one of the most romantic ways you can express your love on Valentine’s. However, the weather may not always permit. There’s also COVID-19 to consider.

In those instances, organize an indoor picnic. Create a space in your living room, and prepare everything you’d carry on a picnic – tiny bite-sized foods and snacks, cheese, and a bottle of wine or your favourite drink.

For special touches, include some flowers and soothing, romantic music. Settle down and enjoy your picnic from the safety of your living room.

Tourist in your town

Tour your local town with your special someone like a tourist would. Hit all the popular attractions, restaurants, or even take a guided walking tour around town.

Walking around town sounds gives you lovebirds ample quality time bonding over places you’ve probably seen a thousand times on your commute. However, now you get to see them with fresh love-coloured eyes.

The memories you make on this local tour will last you a lifetime (or several).

Cook Valentine’s dinner together

In some jurisdictions, restaurants may be temporarily closed. If you can’t go out for a romantic Valentine’s dinner at your favorite restaurant, consider making dinner at home with your partner.

Indeed, you can try international dishes that satisfy your cravings for travel cuisine or stick with your favourites.

Regardless of your choice, make it memorable and romantic. Involve your partner fully; however much they hate to cook and would rather visit the dentist than don a kitchen apron.

Try your first date again

Remember your first “proper date” together? Where did you two go, and what did you do?

Good, now recreate that for this Valentine’s if you can. It’s both a romantic way to spend lovers’ day and fun-filled because you and your partner act like you’re meeting for the first time.

The butterflies in your stomach, shy-talk, silly jokes, stupid questions, all the hallmarks of a romantic first date.

Remember and ask the questions you asked on the original first date to make it even more enjoyable. It’s a sure-fire way to reignite your love and passion.

Indulge in simple pleasures

Chocolate, wine, romantic movies, a walk, a kiss, a look, Valentine’s card, flowers. Small pleasures that spark love and demonstrate your unyielding commitment to each other.

The list of simple pleasures is long, only limited by your imagination. For instance: cuddling, books, fondue, hike, building a fort at home, a ride out of town, ordering takeout, romantic ice-skating etc.

Spa night and massage each other

Most people could do with some pampering this Valentine’s, your partner included. After the bruising 2020 and an even stranger start to the new year, spending Valentine’s evening pampering each other makes for a romantic evening.

The good news, you can do it right from home with only a few tools. You don’t even have to spend a fortune.

Treat your sweetheart (and yourself) to a relaxing, candlelit bath or shower together. Massage each other and do each other’s nails. Try different face and body cleansing routines and make your evening relaxing and romantic.


Need we say more? Smash the hell out of him…romantically 😉

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