8 Cozy Winter Date Night Ideas

Here are some awesome ideas that will help you have the most amazing and romantic date night during winter.

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This article was published on January 14th, 2020

Basically, date nights are always a lot of fun. If you are single, then having a date night is sort of like having a party, the only difference being that this party is only for two – the chances of ending the night in the sheets with someone are also quite the same. But there is one crucial difference between having a party and a date: sometimes, creating an original and unique date can be rather difficult. Moreover, date nights during winter can be even more difficult to arrange as there are not as many nice options. In spring and summertime, you can always opt for having a picnic by the river, taking a romantic stroll in the park or taking champagne with you and sitting with your date on the beach but what can you do when the temperature is simply not on your side? Take a look at some of the ideas that will help you have the most amazing and romantic date night during winter.

1. Cooking together

The first option would be to invite your date over and have a nice night together while cooking several meals that you will devour later on. If you have no problem inviting your date over, then this might really be one of the most original ways to start the dating life of the two of you. The only things you will need are the ingredients for the meals that you will cook, some good music, and of course – a bottle or two of wine and champagne. You can opt for exotic recipes and a nice and easy cake – remember that it is not about the actual meal but about the process of the two of you making it together.

2. Eating outside

Next up, there is always the idea of taking your date out for a romantic dinner. Pick your favorite spot and take your date there. Apart from giving them the option of trying the food from your favorite restaurant, you will also have the option of explaining why you like that particular restaurant the most – a story that can be an icebreaker for a great conversation. If you opt for this step and you really want to look good, make sure that you choose one of the tailored suits that will make you stand out from the crowd. You want to show that you really do care about that night and about that place and the person, so it’s always a plus when you come prepared and handsome.

3. Ice skating

Nothing screams winter more than Christmas but since Christmas is over, what is the next best association to winter? Ice skating, of course. This particular activity is not only super fun but it can be rather romantic, especially if both of you know how to skate, or the complete opposite, if you want to learn how to skate together.

4. Quiz night

Since the possibilities are not endless during wintertime, it would be good to think about all the original things that are being hosted and organized throughout the city, and find the one that you think your date will like. Plenty of pubs and coffee places organize different trivia quiz nights, so it would be a great idea to sign up. Remember that it is not about winning but it can be a great way to have fun with someone and laugh it off while drinking some beer.

5. Sing it off

Speaking of unique nights that are organized during winter, have you thought about letting your voice out and owning the stage? If you have the vocal abilities (and you also think that your date will be up for that), you can also sign up for a karaoke night. It will be a great way to show your qualities, sweep your date off of his feet with your performance and, of course, show the kind of music you are into. If your date is into it, perhaps he will also sing something for you? Who knows, perhaps the two of you are the next Grammy winners?

6. A gym date

This is pretty far-fetched as not many people like being seen sweaty (especially on the first date) but why not ask your date if they want to come with you to the gym and work out together? It might not be the most romantic date ever but it is definitely a date that is completely different and unique.

7. See a movie

As a very cliché option, there is always the idea of going to the movies. However, this is the season of the Academy Award-nominated movies, so the chances of the two of you seeing a good movie are actually quite high, so why not have it as an option or an idea? Make sure to ask what kind of movies your date is into, as this might be a deal-breaker for the future!

8. Have sex

And lastly – sex. This is the option that is perhaps the one that will warm up the both of you but bear in mind that you should never be pushy. Gay people might be quite open to sex on the first date but remember that this is not always the case. If the night leads to sex, so be it. If not – well, choose one of the other options, and leave sex for some other time if things are good.

As you can see, there are plenty of options that you can try out, and hopefully, at least one will be the one that will help you have the most amazing date night. And in the words of Mama Ru – Good luck, and don’t f**k it up!

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