Aarin Asker explains the wonderful world of watersports

Watersports: what is it and how do you do it?

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This article was published on December 24th, 2016

Arin Asker explains the wonderful world of watersportsWatersports is a commonly misconstrued fetish. Often referred to as ‘piss play’ or ‘golden showers’, it is the term used to describe sexual acts involving urine. Adult entertainer, Aarin Asker, is the Prince of Piss Play, and has years of experience exploring the golden fetish of watersports, both in his personal life and on camera.

“Part of sex is about an exploration of erotic energy and it is not an across the board experience for everyone,” explains adult film star, and self-confessed daddy’s boy, Aarin Asker. “Besides the actual physical feelings of piss play, there is a huge psychological element that is about submission and even possibly humiliation. It is not a universal experience nor are the erotic goals the same for everyone”.

This means that your own sexual interests are unique to you, it’s important to understand what it is that you want from them and that you and your partner are on the same page with that.

“It can be about humiliation, submission, pure feeling and more!” said Aarin Asker.

If you have decided watersports may well be something you are interested in, its time to figure out how to proceed. Asker suggests starting with a little bit of homework. Do your research, talk to people, watch videos, seek out people with similar interests and learn from them. Be open to hearing, seeing, reading and learning. Seeking out environments where there will be no judgement is vital.

Arin Asker explains the wonderful world of watersports“One of the very unfortunate outcomes of meeting people who are not into kink play is that there is a possibility they will judge you harshly for your explorations,” said Aarin Asker. “This can unfortunately lead to sexual repression and psychological/emotional/physical stress which is completely unwarranted and rooted in oppressive and supposedly “moralistic” and ‘normative’ views on sexuality and sex.”

Sexual expression and exploration is a personal thing, as long as everyone involved is a consenting adult there are no rights or wrongs.

Introducing a new idea to a sexual partner can be intimidating, especially one that isn’t common, like watersports. The best way to have great sex is to have an open and honest relationship with your partner and be able to communicate your needs and desires to them.

“Introduce it as ‘dirty talk’ perhaps during sex; or, have a ‘Let’s Try Evening’ where each person gets to put ideas into a bowl and try them randomly,” Aarin Asker suggests if you’re interested in bringing up the topic of exploring watersports with your partner. “If you are feeling really timid about actually talking about it, you can always turn on some of my porn but make sure you tell your significant other(s) to keep an open mind first.”

Communication is an absolutely vital element of any successful relationship, find a way that suits you to tell your partner what you need.

Arin Asker explains the wonderful world of watersports“I hope you have mind blowing, crawl up the wall kind of sex and start introducing elements of watersports as the adventuresome spirit grows,” encourages Aarin Asker.

The great thing about watersports as a fetish is that it isn’t a stand alone practice, it can be incorporated into any sexual practice, so take some time to explore and research just what it is that appeals to you the most. Doing this with your partner is a great way to involve them and evolve your sexuality together.

“There should always be a safe word given the psychological components of piss play,” recommends Aarin Asker, especially when you begin to dig deeper and explore other components of piss play. “As the level of piss play increases such as ingesting, internal urination and even catheter play then of course there are bigger medical risks involved. You should seek out more information and guidance the more invested and deeper one wants to explore watersports.”

Watersports can be an exciting fetish. It has endless possibilities and with the right partner, can lead to a deeper exploration of your own sexual pleasures.

“Take your time and enjoy the exploration of sex,” encouraged Aarin Asker. “Always keep in mind your physical, psychological and emotional health. Consent is not just a beautiful word, it is everything in sex. Always remember that.”

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One thought on “Aarin Asker explains the wonderful world of watersports

  1. scotshot

    Arron Asker needs to go back to school. Urine is not safe and not sterile, healthy urine is “less dangerous” but still not what is commonly stated. Name one part of the human body that is 100% safe and sterile.

    Info is available by using common search engines.

    As we all know our porn stars are a font of truth and knowledge. Don’t gamble with your health using disproven / outdated info.