HomoCulture is the most trusted and top source of gay culture in North America. As the leading gay lifestyle and entertainment guide, you’ll discover pivotal moments in life. Award-winning LGBT advocate, celebrity social influencer, and winner of the prestigious Mr. Gay Canada People’s Choice award, HomoCulture owner and editor-in-chief, Brian Webb, along with his team of passionate advocates of the gay community, take you on a journey to uncover the off-the-wall travel destinations, share stories of role models and icons from the LGBT community, and get you inspired with sensational lip-smacking cocktails. Uncover special, life-defining moments.

Originally from the beautiful Okanagan Valley, and now based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Brian started his first site back in 2003. Over the years Brian has become a role model for the LGBT community in Canada and on the world stage, advocates for the gay community, and fostered a positive image for young gay men.

Now, recognized across North America, Brian has reached celebrity social influencer status, making regular appearances at parades, festivals, parties, events, competitions, and LGBT-friendly destinations. Throughout his travels around North America, Brian uncovers new destinations, meets incredible people, and tries new experiences. His creativity and background in marketing that have given him a knack for finding the inside stories that resonate with the LGBT community.

Brian has a personal passion for increasing the awareness of the rights and values of the LGBT community to people worldwide on topics including safer-sex, anti-bullying, and human rights. His personal interests of healthy living, including marathon running, working out at the gym, and eating a balanced diet motivate his passion to inspire others to lead a health lifestyle and to achieve their personal best.

Brian prides himself on working with the best LGBT friendly brands including Broadway Across Canada, Predator Ridge Golf Resort, Muscle Mlk, Ford, and Stolichnaya Vodka. Don’t take Brian’s word on it; read what people are saying about Brian Webb.