What People Are Saying

Gay blogger, Brian WebbOne of North America’s most trusted and respected, social influencers, and owner and editor-in-chief of HomoCulture, Brian Webb continues to receive words of encouragement from valuable partners he works with to provide his readers exciting, fun and creative stories. Here are just a few examples of the great things people are saying about working with Brian Webb:

“Brian and Homoculture.ca have been fantastic partners for the Stoli Vodka brand. Brian’s enthusiasm for cocktail culture and his eagerness to explore new ideas has been a key part of the Stoli brand’s activation in Canada. Brian is a natural connector who is always seeking ways to generate value for his circle of influencers and friends.” 

– Faye Pang, Stolichnaya Vodka

“Brian Webb is an absolute pleasure to work with, from planning his media trip to finalizing his features. His professional attitude in seeking out editorial is a joy, and an exception to the rule in this day of digital media and online journalism. I would easily recommend both Brian and HomoCulture to colleagues looking to reach greater coverage in the LGBT market.” 

– Cheryl MacKinnon, Travel & Lifestyle Media Personality, Executive Management Consultant – Media & Broadcast Programming

“I’ve known and worked with Brian for many years, through my work as the original DJ Pornstar, award- winning adult entertainer, and the owner of Pacifico Events and the notable annual HustlaBall Las Vegas. Whether it was an interview he conducted about my career as a prominent DJ performing at a pride event, my advice for people interested in working in the adult entertainment industry, or the coverage he provides for events, Brian has a talent of being able to find the story and to get people excited with his high-impact photography. He’s really good with the details too, like making sure he uses the the right hashtags and tagging the right social media accounts. He’s been great to work with, and both Brian and HomoCulture are really well respected across the gay community.”

— DJ Pornstar / Dominic Pacifico

“Brian was such a pleasure to work with, and he really went above and beyond for our client. The article he posted on HomoCulture was lovely and informative. He also has an eye for photography which is an absolute advantage for anyone looking to host an influencer. Without prompting, he took the time to consider the client’s messaging and represented it well both in his article and posts on social media. Brian did a wonderful job and I would absolutely recommend him!”

– Meredith Miller, Richmond Public Relations

“I have had the privilege of working with Brian Webb for the past ten years. When he was leading the marketing department for a local tourism agency, our firm was their PR agency. Brian was very professional and exercised due diligence while never compromising his integrity. After Brian moved to Vancouver, we continued to stay in touch. I’ve watched him grow and can sense the wisdom and depth of character in his writing.  He approaches his work with complete honesty and his transparency is refreshing. Too often, journalists write about what they feel their audience wants to hear as opposed to taking chances and speaking from heart. As a result of Brian’s approach, he has been embraced by the LGBT community, as a chosen favourite, and has earned a loyal following. Briar is unfailing in his dedication to stories that he is passionate about and a writer that I proudly support.” 

– Summer Dhillon, Slap Communications

“Wow, a journalist that actually did their due diligence in researching the story rather than publishing an article rife with unsubstantiated, slanderous allegations… in 2015 even!!”

– Andrew Busay, Vancouver resident

“We can always be sure our beloved spirits and brands will be exemplified professionally, and with a great deal of care and consideration. Always mixing cocktails, staging and doing his own photography, we are always excited to see how Brian Webb communicates to his followers with his writing flair. Thank you for always being a reliable source and producing fantastic work – it is very much appreciated!” 


“It is a pleasure working with Brian Webb. He is a conscientious professional who always brings a keen eye and fresh approach to his posts. I, and my clients, benefit from the broad range of subjects covered in his blog – from yummy cocktails to travel tips; from the latest in the restaurant scene to ‘must do’ events, Brian is in the know and loves to share.” 

– Nancy Wong, Culinary Communications

A vital part of the success of the Vancouver 2011 North America Outgames was our social media platform. With excellent coverage, blog posts and enthusiastic twitter talk, Brian Webb and his blog, HomoCulture.ca, played an integral part in keeping our online presence exciting and relevant.” 

– Barb Snelgrove, Public Relations Manager, 2011 North America Outgames

“Brian Webb helped significantly raise the profile of NaKeD Underwear in the metro Vancouver market through editorial product reviews and company profiles on his blog, MyWebbSite.ca. In addition, through contests on Twitter, plus event announcements and coverage with photos of our guerrilla marketing events, Brian notably increased the following of @NaKeDUnderwear across the United States and Canada.” 

– Ross Brown, Past Chairperson and CMO / Investor, NaKeD Underwear

For Underwear Affair, a non-profit annual event raising funds for cancers ‘below the waist’, social media presents a main channel for raising awareness and generating interest with the public. With his creative and informative posts, and engaging tweets, Brian Webb played a vital role in spreading the word about the event and educating the public about this important cause. Furthermore, Brian is an excellent spokesperson. I am looking forward to working with Brian again. 

– Borjana Slipicevic, PR Coordinator, The Underwear Affair

“Brian Webb played a key role in the success of STR8cam Lube. His social media and blog posts have led to the expansion of STR8cam Lube. Brian is great to work with and he comes easily recommended.” 

– STR8cam Jeff, Owner, STR8camLube.com