Another Gay Movie: Re-release celebrating 15 years of the iconic film

The cult gay comedy that inspired a generation of queers gets a new take with additional scenes, including Mink Stole paying homage to Queer RomCom Trick.

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This article was published on April 19th, 2021

When it first came out, critics hailed Another Gay Movie as “an unapologetic, un-P.C., in-your-face gay take on American Pie” (The Philadelphia Inquirer)” and “low-down funny” (Entertainment Weekly). The bold film inspired a whole generation of queer guys.

Its upcoming re-release, celebrating the film’s 15th anniversary, includes a special director’s cut, adds and trims that give the film a sassy and humorous edge. The re-release features never-before-seen footage. This gay cult classic comedy is bound to send shockwaves among audiences, especially new ones.

The show stars Michael Carbonaro, Jonah Blechman, Graham Norton, Richard Hatch, Lypsinka, Ashley Atkinson, Ant, Scott Thompson, and so many more.

Where it all began

Another Gay Movie follows the crazy adventures of four gay, proud and out high school boys as they attempt to lose their virginity before graduation. Luckily for them, their experiences happen in a candy-coated queer-loving world.

Andy Wilson (Michael Carbonaro), one of the main stars, is a typical, horny seventeen-year-old, all-American gay virgin dying to have sex. Already proudly out, Andy is caught in-between that confusing space between childhood and adulthood, looking for his footing.

A virgin still, he spends quite a bit of time practicing for his big moment – losing his virginity much to the dismay of his mom Mrs. Wilson (Lypsinka), who’s at a loss over the disappearance of his carrots and cucumbers.

Along with his three out-and-proud high-school best friends: Jarod (Jonathan Chase) – buff varsity-jock stud, Griff (Mitch Morris) – slim sexy high school valedictorian and closet romantic, and Nico (Jonah Blechman) – alternative-kid gay-cinema expert. He’s also the most effeminate and flamboyant of the boys.

The four make a pact to lose their virginity by the end of summer.

How not to lose virginity

With the four being “booty” virgins, a fabulous and raunchy ride towards losing their virginity follows. They soon face giant sex toys, phallic foods, naked celebrities, masochist teachers and weirdly uncomfortable romances. Some of the who’s who gay celebrities in the movie include Graham Norton, Scott Thompson, Ant, Mink Stole, and Richard Hatch.

Each boy pursues the pact differently with mixed tragic and sometimes comedic results. Jarod, for instance, goes after fellow jocks while Nico pursues an online date with a man named Ryder (Matthew Rush), ending with the grandfather of their lesbian friend Muffler.

Griff, on his part, seeks the affection of a male stripper named Angel (Darryl Stephens) but ultimately abandons his quest to have sex with Jarod because the two are in love.

After failing to seduce his crush and math teacher, Mr. Puckov (Graham Norton), Andy ends up in a threesome with Beau (James Getzlaff), a baseball pitcher and Angel.

Another Gay Movie is the raunchiest, dirtiest, funniest, and definitely scandalous gay-teen-sex-comedy you’ll see. It’s a candy-coloured film where getting laid tops all other priorities.

Its humour comes from the sexual naivety among the boys and just how awkward they are at romance. While each pursuit fails horribly, the boys do finally learn and change their attitudes about sex by the end of the film.

A fresh look

Writer, director and producer Todd Stephens decided to create a 15-year anniversary Director’s Cut giving a refresh to the iconic gay classic, and it does not disappoint.

The film’s re-release, arriving on April 27 (VOD) including iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, and May 4 (DVD), includes never-before scenes with Mink Sole paying homage to Coco Peru’s classic performance in TRICK, among other hilariously sexy moments.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to unleash ANOTHER GAY MOVIE back on the world,” shares Todd Stephens. “It now includes a brilliantly twisted scene with my idol, Mink Stole, that I should never have cut in the first place.”

Final thoughts

Another Gay Movie changed the landscape and attitudes about gay people and especially gay teenagers. It opened up a new world to the LGBTQ+ community back in the day and inspired a whole generation of queer guys to come out but, more importantly, be proud of their sexuality and identity.

Its re-release celebrates and affirms the journey the community has taken to get here. It’s also another opportunity to inspire a new generation of woke millennials and Gen Z’ers.

“After 15 years, I still get jazzed thinking about it. I feel incredibly lucky and proud to have gotten to be a part of this film that Todd dared to write, and we all dared to make. It grabbed our audiences…right where they needed to be grabbed. It was nothing short of legendary,” says Michael Carbonaro.

Ready to be grabbed (or re-grabbed)? Watch the trailer and pre-order now:

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