Athleisurewear: The Pandemic Fashion Choice!

Lounge at home in style and socially distance in these athleisurewear style tips.

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This article was published on February 8th, 2021

If you weren’t a fan of athleisurewear before the global pandemic, then nearly a year later, you more than likely have adopted some pieces from the style that have become popular over the years. As one of the most versatile styles around, athleisurewear can be worn at home or on the go, from children to seniors. HomoCulture gives a rundown of some pieces you should consider adding to your wardrobe and stay on trend. 

Athleisurewear has experienced a boom over the past decade as lifestyle trends have dictated that people living active lives adopt clothing that offers the versatility they desire. Over the last decade, athleisure apparel brands have become a hot commodity as sales continue to grow and innovation in fabrics allow for more options.

By combining functionality with sleek minimalistic style, athleisurewear in today’s world is a reality that many people have begun to fully embrace. There’s no reason for men not to look and feel good for any occasion and although every man should have access to a tailored suit, athleisure styles are now sophisticated enough to be worn with confidence outside of the fitness world. We go over the basic pieces men can add to their wardrobe to pull off a great look. 

Wear It Well: The Basics 

Casual Trousers, Jeggings

The easiest way to slide into the athleisure craze is with some trousers that the trend is arguably the most known for. While meggings (male leggings) have become immensely popular during warmer months, there are other types of pants that are known in athleisure fashion. Slim fit casual trousers can veer between chino pants to jogger pants, each of which can be worn with a jacket and paired with sneakers. Jogger pants are more transitional from the gym and then off to errands, while chino trousers can even be worn on casual days at the office. When it comes to pants and the athleisure trend, these are a few great options to play around with. 

Bomber Jackets

A great jacket is one of the best ways for a man to display his sense of style, and with a bomber jacket, the range is from the classic to the bolder types. There are plenty to choose from that fit the athleisurewear aesthetic, including a variety of fabrics for all seasons of the year. A sure-fire style that works great for a casual look is a suede bomber jacket in a dark hue. 

Embellished Bomber

Sweaters, Jumpers, and Tops

From crewneck to classic V-necks to those that plunge to show off a toned physique, a great sweater should be a staple of any man’s closet. Perfect for layering up or down depending on the climate and the occasion, a crewneck jumper is practical for after the gym and running errands throughout the day. Another option is a sporty, fitted style that is comfortable, stylish, and can be paired with most of your wardrobe. 


Shoe enthusiasts are especially drawn to the athleisure look as there are a wide range of sneakers to choose from that can really add depth to your personal aesthetic. Classic sneakers are always a big winner, with Vans and Converse offering a laidback casual vibe. For men that prefer chinos instead of jogging pants, chukka boots are a great option to pair with them for a more upscale look. 


Even athleisurewear needs an accessory or two, and a bag to get you from the gym to the office is always a good thing to consider. A sleek duffle bag is excellent for both the gym and the office, and with a great tote, you can carry everything you need to get you through a hectic day. 

Get To It

The greatest aspect of athleisurewear is the elevated versatility that comes with the style. Easily mix a pair of casual trousers with a v-neck sweater and a bomber jacket. Pair some chinos with a hooded jumper and a baseball cap for a weekend warrior vibe. Athleisurewear gives you easy access to a chic look for a everyday, whether at home or on the go. 

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