Beat the travel bug; dealing with travel sickness

Don’t get sick when you travel: beat the travel bug with these tips on how to avoid getting sick while traveling.

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This article was published on December 3rd, 2017

Some people don’t deal with travel well. Their bodies shut down and rebel, resulting in upset stomach and diarrhea. While there are over the counter and preventative treatments available to deal with travel sickness, there are other things you can try. Beat the travel bug and avoid being ill when gallivanting with these tips and advice on dealing with travel sickness.

Beat the travel bug; dealing with travel sickness

Law low on the alcohol. Intoxication can weaken your immune system and alcohol is an unhealthy sugar that can lead to an expedited rate of getting sick sooner. Especially when flying, your intoxication level increases, meaning less alcohol will get you drunk, quicker. There is nothing worse than nursing a bad hangover on holiday.

Cool it on the coffee. Coffee maybe everyone’s favorite picker upper, but avoid too much of that joe as it’ll upset your stomach and potentially dehydrate you.

Drink a grip of H20. Drink more water to stay hydrated. Hydration is key to avoiding getting sick and sustaining your homeostasis.

Eat yogurt. Consuming probiotics, like yogurt, supplements, and Kombucha, can help you ward off getting ill. Your body needs the extra probiotics, especially when traveling with the amount of energy expelled.

Get more sleep. Rest and sleeping are as essential to staying well as water is. Don’t skip on the rest or you’ll end up having to play catch up later. And you really can’t ever get caught up on lost sleep.

Avoid spicy foods and odd dishes. It’s great to dip into the culture and try exotic dishes, but avoid spicy foods and other cuisine that mightn’t sit well with your stomach.

Ginger and sparkling water are your friends. Eat slices of ginger to calm an upset stomach and wash it down with sparkling water. There’s something about bubbles, a little hydration, and the wonder spice that is ginger that does a wonder on keeping your stomach in check.

Attack your symptoms early. Don’t ignore early onset signs of getting sick. An itchy throat, coughing, diarrhea, vomiting, or runny noses are all symptoms that should be taken seriously. Eat soda crackers and chicken soup if you feel like you have the flu. Drink plenty of water and OJ, and take Echinacea and vitamin C.

Pack Airborne. The company that capitalized on preventing travel sickness knew what they were doing when they invented Airborne. Packed with vitamins, Airborne is something you may want to take while heading to your destination to preventatively strike any illnesses before you even come in contact with them.

Are you an experienced traveller who has had to cope with travel sickness over the years? Help a friend out. Leave your tips, advice, and remedies in the comments section below.

Beat the travel bug; dealing with travel sickness

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