Boomer Banks set to put on an amazing show at HustlaBall Las Vegas

Going to a HustlaBall event is unlike any other event you could ever imagine in your wildest dreams. There’s probably no other place where you can get up close and […]

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This article was published on December 24th, 2014

Boomer BanksGoing to a HustlaBall event is unlike any other event you could ever imagine in your wildest dreams. There’s probably no other place where you can get up close and hang out with dozens of the hottest and biggest names in gay porn. People will travel from around the world just to attend a HustlaBall event. With HustlaBall Las Vegas returning for it’s second year under the Pacifico Entertainment banner, there is huge excitement for the January 2015 event.

The stage manager for the HustlaBall Las Vegas 2015 event is gay porn star, Boomer Banks. He’s working closely with the event organizes to put on one hell of a show.

“HustlaBall 2014 was a good experience,” said Boomer Banks. “It was my first big event like that. I did HustlaBall the year before in New York, but because I was new, no one took me seriously. Fast forward a year later and I’m in charge of both of them. I think people notice people who work hard and who are grounded. It pays off. Nice guys don’t finish last, it just might take them a little while to get there.”

With his fashion and New York nightlife background, getting people to come out to events is something Boomer Banks is great at.

“One of my biggest mottos is ‘together we can’,” said Boomer Banks. “I take a step back ask myself, what’s the best way to approach this? When people see the online interaction between us they are like, ‘They are having fun, they are all going to be there, and it’s going to be fun!’.”

Boomer Banks is fortunate to be working with some of the best and hottest entertainers in gay porn to help put on such an incredible event during the Sunday night Main Event. It’s not just the talent, but also the new venue for 2015 that will make it even hotter this year.

“We have this amazing boutique hotel we are working in,” Boomer Banks said, referring to the new venue, the Artisan Hotel. “It has a whole brothel type situation going on. It’s a gay Moulin Rouge.”

Boomer Banks will be working with all the talent before the event to ensure that everyone is clear on their roles, their expectations, and to ensure a magnificent show will be put on that will be remembered; although it’ll be hard to stack up against last year’s legendary whipping blood-bath between Leo Forte and JD Phoenix.

If you’re considering going, don’t wait to book your ticket or accommodation, because both are selling out very quickly. And if you’re not sure about upgrading to get the VIP ticket package, Boomer Banks has that under control for you too.

“I’ll be bottoming on stage for the first time ever,” giggled Boomer Banks. “I’m not saying who, but it’s a very, big, big, deal.” Boomer Banks had his first bottoming scene come out this past American Thanksgiving and this chance to see him bottom live is only going to happen at the HustlaBall Las Vegas VIP event.

Get your tickets for HustlaBall Las Vegas now.

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