Being a great bottom means eating right

Food bottoms should and shouldn't eat before going out and hooking up.

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This article was published on January 10th, 2018

It’s bottoming season! The winter months mean snuggling up with (and in) someone warm. And in this cold season there’s never been a better time to perfect your bottoming. Being a great bottom means eating right. The best way to maintain being the best bottom is by eating right. Here is a list of foods bottoms should and shouldn’t eat before going out and hooking up.

Being a great bottom means eating right


  • Salads. A good way to guarantee you have successful bowel movements and even more successful enemas later is by eating plenty of fiber, like salad. Proper fiber amounts translate to more solid stools and therefore easier douching later.
  • Protein. The fuel of our bodies needs to be constantly replenished. Protein is essential for building and sustaining muscle. But our body also needs protein to help process foods. Two birds, one protein stone.
  • Water. Staying hydrated is a great way to guarantee a successful bowel movement and enema experience prior to bottoming.
  • A good eating schedule. It’s probably a good idea to not eat anything within 3-6 hours of bottoming. You allow your food to fully digest this way.

Being a great bottom means eating right


Consume fatty foods. Saturated and poly saturated fats are especially hard for our bodies to digest and often lead to discomfort and stinky gas.

Broccoli and other high starch containing veggies. These guys are great to eat for lunch the afternoon before the night you’re going to get fucked. Otherwise, these guys cause gas and bloating.

Fried foods. Fried foods also cause flatulence and are harder to digest, meaning you’ll feel bloated and fuller than you actually are.

Breads. If you want to get bread, you gotta skip the bread. Bread and other grains can be slow to digest and also can cause bloating. You won’t feel comfortable bottoming with a false fills stomach.

Dairy. Cheese, milk, and other dairy products are high in fat, slower to digest, and make you bloated. Gas can also occur with milk product consumption.

Being a great bottom means eating right

Being a great bottom means eating right. Follow these tips and try to plan your meals and eating schedule so you don’t have to spend hours in the restroom cleaning out your kitty. Anal sex should be enjoyable and not a task that takes hours to prepare for. Remember: it’s bottoming season. Time to get that ass ready for action!

What are your dietary tips for being the ultimate power bottom? Help a beginner bottom out by leaving your suggestions in the comments section below!

Being a great bottom means eating right

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