Brandon Wilde Releases Provocative New Single, ‘All This Drip’

The new single takes fans on a sonic trip that is sure to make listeners seep.

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This article was published on September 21st, 2020

You may know Brandon Wilde as an award-winning adult entertainer, but he has a huge passion and love for writing and creating music. Over the past few years, Brandon Wilde has released a number of catchy tunes and sexy music videos featuring his original works. His latest single, ‘All This Drip’, is a provocative song embodying sexuality and gender fluidity. 

Those that know Wilde’s work as a porn star are about to experience another side to his artistry. As an international circuit DJ that has spent years making clubs bounce, Brandon has been in the lab working on his own music and fans now get the opportunity to find out what else he’s bringing to the table.

“This song represents my respect for myself as an artist and person,” said Brandon Wilde in an exclusive interview with HomoCulture. Brandon openly expresses his own sexuality and ardently supports gender and sexual fluidity across the spectrum. “You have the power to be whoever you want to be in life. Just be the best you, you can be.” ‘All This Drip’ represents owning up to your best qualities and to check those who disrespect you. Even if you feel you are ‘different’, it’s important to feel the strength walking in someone else’s shoes.”

The video begins in a burst of color that would make even the LGBT flag flutter and never lets up. Featuring a slew of scantily clad back-up dancers and animated drag queens, ‘All This Drip’ is definitely meant to be consumed just as much aurally as visually. Wilde isn’t afraid of blurring the gender lines either, appearing in segments in outfits that both men and women might be co-opting soon. 

Fresh of the heels of this Cardi B’s hit single ‘WAP’, Brandon follows up his previous release ‘Love or Lust’, with a track that brings the BPMs necessary to keep us all satiated throughout the fall. Featuring song production by OBOY and vocal engineering by SamJGarfield, Wilde called on his sexy stable of friends to provide backup support for ‘All This Drip’, which includes a who’s who of performers within the LGBT community. Produced and directed by Brad Hammer Productions, Brandon Wilde is clearly on a mission – to make fans wet!

The lewks have been slayed, the tracks have been laid, and the LGBTQ+ community has now been served en masse. The release of All This Drip includes the single available on most popular online music streaming services, along with a seductive and tantalizing music video on YouTube. It’s time to take a sonic ride on the Wilde side!

Fans can purchase All This Drip gear online today. 

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One thought on “Brandon Wilde Releases Provocative New Single, ‘All This Drip’

  1. tom rimes

    just so happy to see the HOMO Culture finally able to sprout its wings in society in America… i was always a sexually straight guy till a gay guy i met in my Church started talking to me,,, and desiring as i started to desire him,,,now i feel as tho i am at Least bi and turning homo soon,,, i know that our new government encourages the Homo culture and will do all it can to let gay men be free and open in public without repercussions ,,,cant wait till summer is here and we can dress like WE want wherever we WANT !….. Tom