Switch up your self-sex with some condom masturbation

Using a condom for masturbation is a trick to spice up your self-sex sex life.

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This article was published on November 29th, 2017

Masturbation is the safest sex you can have, but after a while, pleasuring yourself can become boring and mundane. Think about switching up your self-sex life by incorporating a condom into your next masturbatory session. Condom masturbation could just be the next new thing you learn to love doing with yourself!

Switch up your self-sex with some condom masturbation

Condom masturbation is way better than just jerking off. Don’t think of it as putting on a barrier of protection when you’re about to have sex… imagine that jacking off with a condom on is like having a toy that will give you new pleasures you’ve never experienced. Your penis has nerve endings all along the shaft, and condoms hug your Johnson snugly and are often ribbed to help stimulate the nerves in the penis.

Self-sex with a condom means that there are great sensations with masturbation, but best of all: with a condom, there are no messy cum shots to clean up. Jacking off with a condom is ideal if you are a big shooter who hates dealing with the mess. Ejaculating into a rubber is certainly better than cleaning up with a crusty cum rag or an old dirty sock—just think of the money you’ll save from less laundry!

Switch up your self-sex with some condom masturbation

If you’re into cum play, you can drink it up or pour it all over yourself, or even donate it to a cum-loving friend. Some guys find it hot to see a big load hanging heavy at the end of a condom.

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Switch up your self-sex with some condom masturbationOther benefits: condoms slide off easy and have little clean up. Also, condoms aren’t expensive, plus they are designed to be disposable. Most gay bars hand them out for free like Halloween candy, so they are readily available and always easy to get.

Extra-large condoms are the best-recommended condoms you can buy for use for masturbating because they are bigger. Guys like the way they feel like, because they have more room and it is less restrictive. Also, extra-large condoms are also thinner, so they feel soft, silky, and amazing.

To masturbate with a condom, rip open the wrapper along the perforated line, take out the condom, unroll it, and add some lube to both the tip and shaft of your penis and inside the condom. Then slide it on, carefully squeezing out the air as you go. Once it’s on, all the way down to the base, remove any extra air bubbles. You’re not ready to start jerking off, and it will feel amazing!

Condom masturbation is an affordable sexual pleasure toy that can add a new spice to your self-sex life. Next time you think about wanting to pleasure yourself, try adding a condom into the mix. With different sizes, plus types like ribbed, unlubricated, studded, there is a lot of experimenting you can do on your own.

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