Cybersocket nominee Kyle Kash to debut at HustlaBall Las Vegas

Nominated Newcomer of the Year for the annual Cybersocket awards, Kyle Kash has had an incredible start to his career in the adult entertainment industry. “My biggest success would be […]

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This article was published on December 9th, 2015

Kyle Kash HustlaBall Las Vegas

Nominated Newcomer of the Year for the annual Cybersocket awards, Kyle Kash has had an incredible start to his career in the adult entertainment industry.

“My biggest success would be working with all the amazing and creative directors, performers, and photographers that I have been blessed to meet and collaborate,” said the humbled Kyle Kash. “On top of that, my Cybersocket nomination was an immense blessing. To be recognized and with that talented group of newcomers, I was flattered and honored.”

It wasn’t that long ago that Kyle Kash was first considering a career in the adult entertainment industry.

“I have always been curious to see how I would fare in the industry,” explained gay porn star Kyle Kash. “Ever since I was 16 I wondered what it would be like. When I turned 18 I moved to New York City to pursue college and a musical career, but still that curiosity was there.”

When Kyle Kash finally decided to work up enough courage to apply, he send is application to Lucas Entertainment. Both Michael Lucas and Mr. Pam both interviewed and photographed him, and said they’d review his application.

“Needless to say, I never heard back, which I was grateful for, because it gave me more time to mature and develop a professionalism that comes in handy on sets,” said Kyle Kash.

After sending out applications to almost every studio and agent he could find, Chi Chi La Rue called him in for an interview to discuss what it would take to work in the adult entertainment industry. It was then that Chi Chi La Rue helped get Kyle Kash onto the right path to start his career, including introducing him to Trenton Ducati, who he now works for.

“I wish I had known how to promote myself a little bit better at the beginning,” said Kyle Kash. “An agent can only do so much, but a lot of the responsibility is on my shoulders, to I had to learn that very quickly.”

Social media is key for any music, artist, actor, or performer. It’s how they connect with and build their audience. Building your own social network is important if you are considering starting a career in adult entertainment.

While still new in the adult entertainment industry, Kyle Kash offers his own advice for guys who are interested in getting started.

“Figure out your strengths and weaknesses, and how to make your strengths work for you, and how to combat your weaknesses to work for you or not play to your detriment,” said Kyle Kash. “It’s all about knowing yourself and what you can do.”

Another key element to working in the industry is taking care of your body. While there are all different shapes, ages, and sizes of guys working in adult entertainment, leading a health life has its benefits both on and off the camera.

“Honestly, it’s just consistent gym sessions where you put in hard work, healthy eating, and good sleep,” said Kyle Kash, explaining how he keeps up with his toned body. “The hard part is just getting your body into a routine where it’s not odd to go to the gym or it’s odd to eat cookies, cakes, or what have you.”

If you’re a Kyle Kash fan, and you want to meet him in person, you have the chance to do it this January at HustlaBall Las Vegas, January 15-16. The two-day event, hosted at the Artisan Hotel, includes dozens of adult entertainers, international DJ’s, and incredible surprises.

“I’m looking forward to interacting with the fans,” said Kyle Kash, explaining what he is looking forward to most about HustlaBall Las Vegas. “They are my favorite part of any live events I do, whether it’s go-go dancing, release parties, and what have you. I love the fans.”

While there are plenty of great reasons to go to HustlaBall Las Vegas, including the chance to meet and see 35 or more of the biggest names in the adult entertainment industry, Kyle Kash wants you to come join him!

“It’s a great line-up this year,” said Kyle Kash. “There are great performers and entertainers, and it should be a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see you all there!”

Get your tickets for HustlaBall Las Vegas now.

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