Darren Hayes, Savage Garden Singer, Releases First Album 10 Years After the Hit Single Truly Madly Deeply

Savage Garden Singer Darren Hayes releases his first album in a decade “Homosexual”

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This article was published on November 12th, 2022

Can you remember one of the biggest singles of the 1990s? Everyone and their boyfriend were listening to Truly Madly Deeply. And, if you grew up in the 90s, he was probably someone you listened to a lot during middle school and high school. But did you know Darren Hayes is gay? 

The lead single from the album, Let’s try being in love, has hard 80s vibes. The song starts with a 16th beat that lasts throughout the entire song. The music is authentically 80s, not a gimmick. You can tell this man was popular during the 80s and 90s. The video is sparkly with retro colors of pastel and a hardcore make out sesh that leads to an unshown, but likely heated, roll in the hay. He’s unapologetically gay in this song. With flashes to a floral glamour shot covered in flowers, the video is like stepping back into the 90s. It’s giving… it’s giving… “future nostalgia” combined with the true style of the artist, for reference think Avril Lavigne in Love Sux. In short, this artist knows his style and isn’t afraid to show it coupled with his Homosexuality. 

The second single is quirky and has 80s vibes too. The video scene opens with a nosy friend calling to ask about a date Darren had the night before. The call quickly becomes a three, four and five-way call. The red lips corded phone everyone had in their house is present. It’s slaying and the rotary phone gives a nice vibe to the overall video. The song has secondary undertones and a clearly 80s beat, giving tribute to Whitney Houston with the strong back beats. 

The dancing in the video gives the song a nice touch. If you’re going to listen to this album, you should accompany the tunes with the video. If you were an 80s kid or love the vibe, you’ll likely love it! 

The album is worth giving a listen. Homosexual marks a new era for Darren Hayes. However, if you’re expecting a sound like that of Savage Garden, you’re in for a surprise. The album is much more footloose. 

Why exactly did Darren name his album Homosexual? Turns out it was for a variety of reasons. As we all guessed, due to the AIDS epidemic that swept the world during the 80s, he grew up in a time where the world was much less accepting of him. He had a burning desire to reclaim his identity at a time when the people of the USA, Canada, and Australia are violently attacking the rights of LGBTQ people. 

Darren will be headlining three new North American shows and return to British and Australian stages for the first in over 10 years to perform his new ensemble. 

If you’re interesting in grabbing tickets for one of his shows to relive your nostalgia and see a singer you loved growing up you can visit his website. www.darrenhayes.com

And, just to let you know what to expect on the tour and the bops you should listen to on YouTube, here’s a track list of his new album. 

Homosexual Track Listing

  1. Let’s Try Being In Love
  1. Do You Remember?
  2. A Little Death
  3. Poison Blood
  4. Hey Matt
  5. Homosexual (Act One)
  6. Music Video
  7. Euphoric Equation
  8. Nocturnal Animal
  9. Feels Like It’s Over
  10. All You Pretty Things
  11. We Are Alchemists

Listen to his new album then come back here and let us know what you think! 

Stay informed on the Darren Hayes tour and get your tickets, here

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